Monday, April 10, 2017

Styled Shoot: Dearborn Garden Walk

This fairy tale-inspired styled shoot delivered real romance and breathtaking inspiration at the Dearborn Garden Walk. All photos by Ocken Photography.
"The Dearborn Garden Walk is a rich tradtion, dating back over 50 years. It has served the Gold Coast community with a fabulous custom of outfitting the communities lovely gardens for a rich and visceral experience. Hundreds of Garden lovers walk through each year."
"We were approached to design a garden, and upon our walk through of several, we decided that we loved the idea of having a "live theater" option attached to this garden. It was a natural for us, as wedding planners as we could showcase our abilities as designers and as planners. The garden was interactive and guests enjoyed the visual garden and theatrical wedding."
"We had everything from of course the floral to the music, hair and make-up to a cake cutting ceremony. Guests witnessed faux vows and drank sips of champagne and lemonade, it was truly the most fun we have had doing a photo shoot. "



Sharokina Pazand said...

Thank you for featuring our work!! We definitely worked hard and had a good time putting this together.

bestessay review said...

Shoutout to one of the best shoot ever. The cake, dress, styling decorations and ambiance are just wow. In love with the pictures. Thanks for the share!

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