Friday, May 29, 2015

Isabelle Armstrong's new collection hit runways like a storm. Bold and beautiful, her designs are sure to be winners. Check out what she says about her inspiration:

"This collection has been inspired by the uncompromising magnificence of a diamond. At it's core, a diamond represents strength, brilliance and ever lasting beauty. A diamond can be both subtle and extraordinary at the same time. So too is the Spring 2016 Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Collection, complete with subdued embroidery and soft, romantic fabrics and laces. We've added just enough to each individual gown to make it a multi-faceted statement piece, whether complex in its geometric play on fabrications or simply gorgeous and understated in its perfect draping. Our collection will prove to be a testament to one of nature's most outstanding creations. "
                                                                                                       -- Isabelle Armstrong

Let us know what your favorites are from the collection in the comments below!