Friday, February 27, 2015

'Tis the season for Wedding Expos and Open Houses. A remarkable event was held last weekend at the stunning and elegant Cuneo Mansion and Gardens, owned by Loyola University Chicago! This gorgeous museum is a historical home hidden in the suburbs. Sprawling landscapes, gorgeous event spaces, you'll go gaga for this place. 

A huge thanks to everyone who made this Wedding Open House at Cuneo Mansion and Gardens such a success. We had an amazing time helping out with this event! 

And of course, the one, the only, the Duron Shem Tov of Duron Studio Photography took some amazing images of the event. Check them out below and let us know which designs fit your wedding style! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Andre LeCour Photography

The search begins. Amidst the wardrobe and venue, between the invitations and appetizers, weddings are a series of decisions. Each one leads to the day you’ve dreamed of, and the celebration culminates with your reception. Here are a few pointers on how to make the RIGHT choices when it comes to your wedding entertainment.

1. Hire the Right Band/DJ
First impressions go a long way.The most important part of the hiring process is connection. You have to have confidence that he/she is the right person for your party and understands your vision. One way to check compatibility is to see if the song list reflects your tastes. Another is in response time. Is s/he easy to reach? Open communication is key to making sure you stay on the same page. Feeling comfortable with and trusting your band leader or DJ will provide ease of mind at your reception.

2. Song Selection
Weddings are unique in how diverse the attendees can be. Music can bridge generational and cultural
gaps, catering to a broad audience. When it comes to song selection, pick songs from different decades that will appeal to the majority of your guests. Too many obscure picks can be harmful to the party by alienating your audience. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to customize music selection because your tastes reflect you and your lifestyle. So personalize your list, but be aware of including songs your guests will recognize. Your band leader or DJ will help find the right balance.

3. Keeping Feet on the Dance Floor
Depending on the layout of your venue, there are certain decisions you can make to keep people on the dance floor. Namely, make sure the bar is in the same room as the entertainment. If you can, keep the sweet table and photobooth in there too, so people aren’t constantly wandering off for another drink or cookie. Also, as the guests of honor, you ARE the party. By staying on the dance floor, your guests will gravitate there too.

4. So Let’s Raise Our Glass…
Weddings are a special night. But with an excessive number of “special treats” and “special songs”, the novelty wears off. Receptions can get bogged down with too many interruptions. Not everyone in your extended family needs to prepare a toast. For a party to have a smooth flow, keep the “special treats” and toasts to a minimum to keep the celebration moving. Trust the people you’ve hired. Together, your entire vending team from consultant to band leader will work with you to create the party you’ve envisioned.

Thank you so much to Becca Kaufman and Claire Bao of BeatMix Music! For more advice and information about their entertainment company, visit!

Monday, February 23, 2015

At ChicagoStyle Weddings, we LOVE a good fashion show. The recent ROOF Runway bridal fashion show held at the ROOF on theWit was absolutely amazing. Stunning models took the stage, donning gorgeous gowns from Macy's Bridal Salon on State Street and Elaya Vaughn Bridal by Kate Pankoke. The show was so fun and we loved seeing all of our friends at the event! 

Duron Studio Photography took some fantastic pictures and we wanted to share them with you! Let us know what your favorite bridal looks are!