Monday, March 24, 2014

3 Must-have Apps and Gadgets for Your Wedding


Wedding planning will wear you out, especially if you're taking on all the duties yourself. You don't want to be the bride who falls asleep at her own reception. Yes, it does happen and at least one bride has been caught snoozing in her own wedding video, according to the Planners Lounge. You'll rest easy during the planning stage and be more relaxed on the big day if you take advantage of the newest gadgets and apps available. That way, you can strap a couple of GoPro cameras to the flower girl and ring bearer, and be confident that your wedding video won't reveal you slumped and snoring softly at the head table.

Have the Best Registry Ever
Registries can be a hassle for the couple-to-be and their guests. If you would rather give than get, registering for charity donations is a great way to show how thankful you are for your good fortune. ZankYou is an online wedding registry organizer that lets you create a charity wedding registry that's fun and easy to use. Your guests can contribute directly through the site to the charities you post, or they can make a cash contribution directly to you that you can contribute to the philanthropic cause of your choice. You will be updated when contributions are made. ZankYou has an app version that lets you track contributions, view messages from guests and lets you send thank you messages.

Charge It!
No, not the wardrobe for the entire wedding party. We're talking devices and gadgets here. Between frequent calls to your mom, your groom, your maid of honor and every vendor involved in your wedding, you'll be using the heck out of your mobile phone. It's not always convenient to have it anchored to a wall outlet for charging, though. A wireless charger, available from retailers like T-Mobile, is super cool and convenient because you don't need to plug it in. Just set your phone on the charger and easily pick it back up to make or receive a call.

Make the Wedding a Party
Having guests snap pics at your reception is a terrific way for everyone to participate in creating memories, but distributing disposable cameras is tacky. Instead, use the Wedding Party app to allow your guests to take pictures on their mobile phones and share them through the app's website. Tech Crunch reveals that brides and grooms enjoy preserving everythingfrom their wedding for posterity, including cake tastings, rehearsal dinners and even dress fittings, so you'll want to download early. It doesn't matter whether you have an Apple device or an Android. Wedding Party is free and available for both.

Don't forget to check out the ChicagoStyle Weddings mobile site for more help planning on the go! 


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