Friday, September 28, 2012

Illuminate & Inspire with LED Dance Floor

Looking to spice up your wedding reception’s dance floor? MDM Entertainment presents the newest innovation in wedding lighting, an LED dance floor. This novelty uses LED lights spread underneath each floor panel to provide stunning visuals that move with the music - a great attraction for your guests. Not quite sold yet? Here are few reasons why adding the LED dance floor is a great way to make your wedding a memorable moment for you and all of your guests!

It Can Go Just About Anywhere

The LED dance floor is adjustable to up to twenty by twenty feet and completely portable so it can be easily setup at just about any location. Couple that with a ton of color options available for the lights and you have a centerpiece that can fit in with any reception theme or location!

It Will Make Your Guests Get Up and Dance

If you haven’t seen THAT reception firsthand, you’ve heard of it. The one with the stuffy room, all of the guests sitting in their seats while the DJ plays tunes to a dance-less audience. Receptions are supposed to be more than just delicious cake; they’re supposed to be fun! A celebration! Dancing is a key part of that. Incorporating the light-up dance floor into your reception can be a great way to get your guests out of their seats and into the center of the room.

Photo Ready, and Phenomenal!

There are many things you invest in for your wedding day that you won't necessarily use after. The gift card box, the flowers, and more. The LED Dance Floor is something else you can't take with you, but the photos are another story. The photos taken on your special day are mementos to be cherished, evidence of your marriage that cannot be reenacted. Make the best of those moments by using an LED dance floor. The colors make for stunning pictures that could not be created in any other fashion - you'll have wedding photos like no one else! The LED dance floor is truly a priceless investment in the memories from your wedding celebration!

They’re Not Just for Discos Anymore

The dance floor brings a whole new twist on the old ‘disco-style’ floor. MDM Entertainment’s LED Dance Floor provides an amazing light aesthetic that mesmerizes and inspires your guests to get their groove on like it’s the twenty-second century. No cheesy platform shoes required!

If you are interested in brightening up your special event with want our Chicago Wedding DJ‘s to amp up your dance floor, contact us today at 773.253.4986 or click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Photography Credit: Angel Eyes Photography or Jason Kaczorowski Photography

Chicago Style Weddings Magazine’s September/October 2012 issue (page 316) included an article “Marry in Blue, Always Be True” identifying ways to incorporate this color into your wedding in unexpected ways. Blue has always been considered a catalyst of good luck in a wedding, but now its importance can be seen on the runways of New York City’s 2012 Fashion Week. Neiman Marcus declared Navy Blue the “new neutral” for the fall 2012 season.  In the February 2012 issue of Marie Claire, navy was reported to be on every fashionista’s shopping list.

What is so special about this color? Well it begins with the fact that navy blue has long been associated with wisdom (hence the power suit) and loyalty (military and police uniforms).  Ever hear of the expressions: true blue, blue blood, or blue ribbon? All of these sayings convey a sense of positive energy. Navy can be a formal color and add interest, but it’s not as ordinary as black can be. A navy blue blazer has always been a staple in any well dressed man’s wardrobe. It is versatile and can to go to a Sunday brunch or business meeting, and able to be paired with jeans or khakis.  Women are even catching on to the utilization of navy in their closets because it is not restricted to a particular season. We can wear black and even navy pieces year round, which is attractive to those wanting investment dressing or simply classic seasonless colors. Every bridesmaid looks lovely in navy and every man looks great in a navy suit!

Navy is now clean & modern, because its image changes depending on what color it is paired with. In order to prevent bright colors from appearing juvenile or comical, this dark shade is the perfect color to complement the nautical and preppy trends.  For example, when combined with green, navy feels preppy; turquoise and navy appears nautical; fuchsia and navy gives off a festive feel; gray and navy transmits understated elegance; while navy and white is simply classic. This deepest blue hue can also be intriguing with metallics like silver and gold, or it can have black-tie appeal when it is a dark sapphire shimmer. The options that can be combined with navy are endless and that is why it can be a beautiful way to add a new unique color scheme to your wedding through bridesmaid dresses, accessories, flowers and invitations. Some of the newest invitation ensembles available at Kathryn’s Invitations & Design Studio in McHenry which showcase this new fashion forward hue include:

 Elegant Engraved Navy Blue Wedding Invitations by William Arthur


 Navy Bordered Ocean Wave Bright White Wedding Invitations from William Arthur


French Blue Elegant Damask Framed Bright White Wedding Invitations with Navy font from William Arthur


Ecru Top-fold Pocket Folder Wedding Invitations with Navy Blue Bow from William Arthur



Navy Blue Anchor Wedding Invitations from William Arthur


Vera Wang Lapis Chime Laser-cut Layered Invitation Cards in Navy!

 Personalized Nautical Navy Blue Pocket Folder Invitations from William Arthur


Also available at Kathryn’s are many new bridesmaid and mother of the bride/ groom dresses in this rich neutral for fall or any season: 


A touch of navy blue in your wedding ensures good luck, in addition to being modern, timeless & fashion conscious!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Venue: Eaglewood Resort
Photographer: "YazyJo"
Decor: Yanni Design Studio

Monday, September 24, 2012

Venue: River East Art Center
Wedding Planner: Bliss Weddings and Events
Decor: Event Creative
Photography: Studio This Is

Friday, September 21, 2012