Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Best Wedding Trends of 2016

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Wedding planner Derrick Valenti from the Warwick Allerton Chicago Hotel stopped by the blog to discuss the hottest trends from the past year.

Best Color: Rose Gold
From silverware to bridesmaid dresses, rose gold took over the wedding scene this year. It’s the perfect balance of vintage glamour and modern-day glitz.

Best Food: Late-Night Bites
Sliders and tacos and fries... oh my! Couples have been embracing comfort-style food, but keeping presentation in mind (i.e. monogrammed bags for fries, customized grill marks on burger buns, etc).

Best Song: “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran
According to Spotify‘s “Top 10 Songs for First Dance”, Ed Sheeran’s swoon-worthy song topped the list, followed by Etta James's "At Last" in second.

Best Wedding Dress Style: Cropped Separates
What started as a street-style trend made its way to the wedding aisle. Perfect for fashion-forward brides or those wanting a comfortable, casual look. This style is equal parts chic, edgy and romantic.
Best Theme: Greenery
Flowers have always been center stage at weddings, but recently couples have been opting for lush foliage and greenery. Not only does greenery make for a beautiful backdrop or centerpiece, it’s also a much more affordable alternative to flowers.

Best Drink: Craft Beer
Craft beer-themed bars were huge this year! Especially, when you live in a beer-centric city like Chicago, your options are endless. Another plus is that craft beer can be less expensive than liquor.

Best Dessert: Sweets on a Stick
Since antiquity, it has been customary to have cake at a wedding. While most couples continue this tradition, they are also bringing other sweets into the mix. A popular trend is putting sweet treats on a stick, including pies, donuts or ice cream sandwiches.

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