Monday, May 30, 2016

Guest Post by Will Knight, Will Knight Photography

Will Knight Photography

Here you are, the groom-to-be or the bride-to-be. The wedding is only a few days away and everything is already in place, from the wedding venue down to the souvenirs that you will be distributing to everyone who attends your big day. But there’s something that isn’t quite ready yet—your wedding vows.
The Right Time to Write the Perfect Vows
Many couples often put off writing their wedding vows until the last minute because they are waiting for the right time to write their promises to their partner. The “right time” here may mean many things. It can be when inspiration strikes them, when they feel rested enough to write, or when they feel confident with their ability to write.

But the problem is there is no such thing as finding the right time when it comes to writing that perfect wedding vow. You don’t find the time to write your wedding vows. You make time to actually sit down and pour your heart out in a few paragraphs that your beloved will remember forever. You don’t wait for the inspiration to hit you, you create the right setting to feel inspired to write. You also don’t need to be a professional writer to express how you feel.

Where You Write Matters
When writing wedding vows, choose an environment that would elicit romantic feelings. It can be a memorable place for both of you. Sometimes, all it takes is sitting down in front of your computer and browsing through all of your photos as a couple and remembering the special moments that the two of you shared over the years. Play the songs you like. The key here is to set the right mood for writing.

Time to Start Writing
Once you’ve made the time and found your ideal environment, the next step is to find ways to fill that blank piece of paper staring back at you with words from your heart. Here are three steps on how to write touching wedding vows that your partner will remember for the rest of his or her life:

1. Remember the first time you met.
The first meeting is always a memorable encounter for soon-to-be-wed couples because this is where everything started. You may have started out as childhood friends or as two shy individuals out on a blind date, but no matter how your paths crossed, you will always be grateful for that fateful day that you met the love of your life.

So go ahead and reminisce the first time you saw him or her. How did you feel about the person? Was it love at first sight? Did the two of you click right away? Or was it the total opposite? Share how you feel about your first meeting and how thankful you are for that day.

2. Think of the qualities you like about your partner.
Make a list of the qualities that you like about your partner. While you love a person for who he or she is as a whole, there are surely standout qualities that drew you closer to this person. What made you decide to commit to this person forever? Tell your partner that you love him or her for who he or she is, and make it a point to mention your favorite qualities that endear him or her to you.

3. Imagine what your life will be like 10, 20 or even 50 years from now.
How would you like to spend the coming years with your partner? What are your dreams for your marriage? And most importantly, how do you plan to show her how much you love him or her for as long as you live? Answer these questions and your vows will surely convey the promises that you have in your heart.

The most important thing to remember is to just speak from the heart. If you spend the time and make the effort to really write what you feel, your partner will love what you have to say -- no matter what.  

Thanks so much to Will for all his advice on writing the perfect wedding vows! Will Knight is a wedding and events photographer based in Chicago. For more information on his services, call Will Knight Photography at 312.961.6067, email or visit

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Friday, May 27, 2016

"I come bearing good news! Tinder really does produce real love. That's where it all began for this couple. Manny moved to Chicago in 2011 for Law School. Careena came to Chicago to pursue her career. They were both looking for a way to entertain some downtime and gave the Tinder app a chance. I've always personally wondered how many success stories have come from the dating apps and here we have a happy ending! 

"Within each other they have found admiration for their mutual dedication to their passions in life. Manny loves Careena's confidence and thoughtfulness. Careena loves Manny's nerdy side and his devotion to the important things in life. Because no match could be more perfect, Manny proposed to Careena on a beach in Puerto Rico and plan to be married during the fall.

"Manny & Careena wanted an industrial-inspired engagement shoot. The Fulton Market Industrial District and Lakeshore East in Chicago, IL were our spots for photos. I love street art, so when a couple is also excited about graffiti art, I get all kinds of delighted. The Fulton Market District and surrounding West Loop has many hot spots with murals and artwork that provide for a colorful background. 

"I also love unique and custom made wedding rings. I try to make every engagement and wedding session different in any way I can. When I get a couple with a custom ring design, I really enjoy highlighting it, as it really reflects the couple's personality and style. 

"Another goal of mine is to feature the architecture of this wonderful city I have the pleasure of living in. The spiral stairs are in a secret location I have been eyeing for almost a year, and I felt this was a great addition to the industrial urban feel. 

"The sunset image that I'm really attached to was one of the last shots we took of the night. We took advantage of the warm spring temperatures that evening and really enjoyed every minute of warmth and light. I always try to encourage clients to allow me to use the 'golden hour' of the evening, where the sun sets and sets the sky on fire. The oranges and pinks really flood skin tones with a deliciously moody tone. 

"Thank you and congrats to Manny & Careena!" -- Renae Johannes, City Savvy Imaging

Photography by City Savvy Imaging

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Julie Vino's Spring/Summer '17 collection is ultra sexy and ultra gorgeous. Her feminine shapes, delicate lace, and soft fabrics make this line so romantic. And we're also definitely digging the bridal mermaid look. Hello, Ariel! 

The designer's real love, however, is creating bespoke, one-of-a-kind gowns for brides. She thrives on creating something entirely new and customized to fit each bride's personality.

Julie Vino describes her inspiration: 
"The fabrics and different accessories provide me with infinite inspiration. Therefore every season I scout the market and the different suppliers and import exclusive array of unique fabrics from all over the world; ethnic handmade brocade from India, unique lace from France and fabrics rich in details and embroidery from Italy. In a special department in my studio a specialist in embroidery is adding texture and additional embroidery to each fabric to make it even more exquisite."
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