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What Your Wedding Planner Needs to Know: "Tell Me Your Love Story"

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It’s official: I am a hopeless romantic. I am in love with Love and the idea of Love and everything that involves Love. From first dates and love letters, to stolen kisses and late night storytelling, I am obsessed with Love. And everything in between -- romantic comedies,Valentine’s Day, chocolate covered strawberries, and red velvet cake. All variations of Love.

It all starts with Love. A first date turned into a second one. Like at first sight that developed into more. Days turned into months, and months turned into years. And when you’re with the one you love, it feels like just a moment in time. You are in love and no one can tell you differently. This is it. You have found that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, to grow old with, and to love until the end of time.

And what event is the culmination of all these things? A wedding. A ceremony merging two lives to one collective unit based on love, fueled with admiration and nurtured by grace. Every wedding, bridal shower and engagement party starts with Love. They asked, you said yes and you are on the beginning of a new path. A lifelong relationship built on the foundation of Love. And everything thereafter derives from each person’s individual experience with Love, and the collective expression of that love to one another.

I say all of this to show you how deeply in love I am with Love. And weddings. Of course, as a hopeless romantic, I am ALL about weddings -- from “City Chic” to “Rustic Charm.” From backyards to beaches, from the glam to the modest, and everything thing else in between, I am about weddings. And the details -- the flowers, the food, the venue, the invitations, the music. All these have a special place during the day to express something special about the couple.

It was only a matter of time until I decided join the wedding industry. Of course as a certified Wedding and Event Planner I needed to make my own approach. In my mind, a wedding is a couple’s love story -- from meeting to marriage -- being portrayed as they cross the threshold of single life into marital bliss in front of close family and friends. And each detail lays out a personal experience, favorite thing, or family value that directly relates to the engaged couple. And at the end, everyone in attendance will know their story.

Working with Kensington Florals and Events, I have had the pleasure to be a part of some amazing love stories with their own personal twists. A bride recently lost her grandmother before her wedding date, so a corsage was made in her honor and placed in an empty chair, and her handkerchief was included in her bridal bouquet. That was her personal experience.

Another couple loved Legos and built them together. They included Legos in the floral arrangements at their reception. That was their favorite thing!

A third couple wed during a Greek Orthodox ceremony that included a custom designed Stephana tray and flower petals for the Dance of Isaiah, in which they officially became husband and wife. That was their family value. Each of these weddings was beautiful and magical in their own individual way, each personalized by their own love story.

So, as a Certified Wedding and Event Planner with Kensington Florals and Events, I eagerly await hearing your story. Your first date, your love letters, the way they asked for your hand in marriage, and the reason you said yes. Every detail, unique moment, and personal story. Every favorite place to travel, hobby, or favorite memory. Every family tradition passed down through generations and heirlooms to be a part of your special day. 

Tell me your love story, and I will help you tell it again through your wedding day. Who knows? Your personal story could be told in your favors. Your favorite food included in your menu. Your family tradition intertwined in your ceremony. Your love story is your wedding date, and your chance for all of your guests to feel the love between you and your spouse. So get ready to tell that story again, for the world to see. And who better to help you tell that story?

A Hopeless Romantic like me.

A big thank you to Franklin J. and the team at Kensington Florals & Events! For more information on their wedding planning or floral design services, call 847.675.3789 or email!

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