Friday, December 11, 2015

Well Groomed Tips on Men's Wedding Accessories from The Tie Bar


We get it, the big poufy gown is kind of a show-stopper, but that doesn't mean the groom's duds should be flat and lifeless! The Tie Bar's Vice President of Merchandising, Allyson Lewis, has some fabulous tips for grooms who are putting together a wedding day look that holds its own against all of that tulle!

How can a groom upgrade his accessories to be more on-trend (for a semi-formal or casual wedding where the rules aren't as strict)?
A pocket-square is a great way to dress up the standard suit and tie. While you can always wear both, opting for a suit and a bold pocket square is a great option if the wedding allows a more casual vibe. A knit tie is also the perfect choice if you want something that looks pulled together, but still casual.

Don’t forget the tie bar. Just remember to always place it in between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt and NEVER have it be wider than the actual tie.

Novelty belts are having a really big moment in the men’s market, too. Gone are the days of boring brown or black leather options only. Men are really loving belts in fun new fabrics, colors, and textures, allowing the belt to become a big statement in their look for the first time.

Incorporating seasonal materials is another great way to add unexpected texture and be perfectly on-trend.  E.g., wearing a linen tie to a summer wedding or a wool tie during the fall and winter. At The Tie Bar, we also like to say that the lapel flower is the new boutonniere. It’s such a fun way to add a final detail to your look without the formal association that a classic boutonniere can bring.

How do you recommend pairing pocket squares with ties and socks? 
The top rule of pairing a pocket square is that it should complement your shirt and tie -- not match them. Think complementary patterns, or if you go bold with the pocket square, pattern balance it out with a more understated tie and vice versa.

A clean, white pocket square will always be classic, but there are so many interesting patterns for guys to choose from now. A pocket square is a great way to have fun with a pop of pattern instead of having it splashed across your chest.

We always tell grooms not to feel like their groomsman have to match them identically.  Pick colors and patterns that complement each other instead of match; the result will give you a stylish, cohesive bridal party that won’t look cookie cutter.

In your opinion, why are colorful pocket squares/ties/socks having a moment right now?
Across the board there continues to be a big trend in men’s accessories. Weddings are really expensive, and the accessories provide the perfect opportunity to customize your look without having to buy a whole new outfit. You can have the groom and all of the groomsmen wear an existing suit and make it look totally new and wedding appropriate with the accessories.

Also, accessories provide an affordable way to try a trend that he may not have thought to try before. For example, if he wants to wear more pink, rather than committing to a pink shirt, he could start by adding a pink tie or pocket square into the mix.

Weddings are the best time and place for special accessories, guys should know that it’s okay for them to pick colors or patterns that stand out a little more -- providing they still align with the overall theme of the wedding.

Are there any rules or tips for pulling off statement socks? What are the hot trends in socks right now? 
The tip I give most guys is to find a sock that is grounded in your pant color (e.g., navy, khaki, grey), but that also incorporates a pop color. This is an easy way to wear something more bold or bright without it seeming out of place with the rest of your look.

I would say the hot trends are no-show socks coming up for next summer, as well as just statement socks in general. Socks used to be something that you didn't want to stand out, but now guys are using them as a subtle way to inject personality into their look. Because only a portion of the sock shows when you're sitting down, it is a great way for guys that are generally adverse to bright colors to wear them subtly.

A huge thanks to Allyson Lewis, Michael Corrigan and the team at The Tie Bar! Be sure to check out The Tie Bar's recent renovations. Enhanced lighting, custom wood fixtures, completely re-worked displays, and an increased tech presence doubled the amount of product available and allows shoppers to mix and match with ease. The space also features an accessory bar and a BYOB (build your own box) option.

Their brand new Wedding Shop offers the perfect solution for all men’s wedding style needs. The shop-within-a-shop features bridal swatch matching, bulk ordering, product pairing tips, and exclusive insights into the brand's best-selling wedding patterns and trends.


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