Friday, November 27, 2015

Real Wedding: Kathleen Pinter and Chris O'Sullivan

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"Chris and I met about ten years ago, the summer before we went off to college. Chris’ friend and my friend were paired up as roommates at U of I, so naturally Chris visited U of I frequently to see all his Northside College Prep friends, one of which happened to be my cousin. We immediately hit it off and enjoyed each other’s company, however, it wasn’t until senior year that we began dating when Chris first visited for the famous “Unofficial” at U of I.

"After graduation I moved back to Chicago where our relationship blossomed over late night calls, Bears games, date nights, and lots of late nights at Fado Irish Pub. Fast forward five years later where Chris proposed on my birthday on the 95th floor of the John Hancock. We were able to celebrate until the wee hours of the morning with some of our close friends. The most perfect way to begin my 28th year!

"While planning, one thing we both found unique was that our parents had the same wedding anniversary, down to the year: March 16th 1985. Both of us were born and raised in Chicago, so we thought that this was the extent of the coincidence, but we were wrong. While looking at wedding venues, we checked out the Westin O’Hare. We learned from Kathleen’s parents that they stayed there on their wedding night. Chris’ parents remarked that they stayed there on their wedding night, as well! So, not only did our parents get married on the same day of the same year, but they also stayed at the same hotel -- which ended up being the venue for our reception! If their marriage and happiness is any indication how our future will be then we think we’re in great shape." -- Kathleen

"No one wants rain on their wedding day, although they say it is good luck (I think people say that to make you feel better!). So when I woke up and looked out our apartment window, I laughed to myself as I saw rain pouring down. Luckily, this was six in the morning and there was plenty of time for the rain and clouds to subside -- which they did. 

"Kathleen got ready with her bridal party at the Waldorf Astoria in the Gold Coast, while the guys and I got spiffy at our River North apartment. There is no denying that I was nervous, especially being the first of my friends 'taking the plunge,' but also knew I couldn’t wait to marry the love of my life." -- Chris

"Our wedding was exactly what I’d dreamed it would be. Despite having a few bumps in the road leading up to the big day, it all went as planned – even down to the grey, pouring rain that greeted me when I woke up on the big day making way for the sun to come out, creating an absolutely gorgeous day.

"One particular moment that sticks out to me is when I was walking down the aisle and saw Chris for the first time. My face lit up as I saw my soon-to-be husband standing there. I couldn’t wait to hold his hand and whisper 'I love you' to calm his nerves I could so easily see. It was such a special moment, I’ll cherish in my heart forever. To see the love and support that filled St. Michael in Old Town was truly overwhelming. To have our most favorite people by our side as we said 'I do' meant the world to us.

"I put a lot of effort into all the details – wearing the diamond jewelry my sister wore on her wedding day as my something borrowed, wearing my grandmother’s wedding ring as my something old, hanging a gold locket from my bouquet with pictures of my grandmothers so they would be ‘by my side’ the entire day, and handing out handkerchiefs to all the ladies at the church to wipe away their 'happy tears' throughout the ceremony. All of these details and more are what made our day so unique and special to us. 

"I remember taking a step back with Chris at some point during the night and watching all our guests having such a wonderful time interacting with one another. The people on the dance floor and taking goofy photos in the photo booth were validation that we threw a fabulous celebration, surrounded my immense amounts of love.

"I know it’s such a clichĂ© but it really was the best day of my life. And I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of describing Chris as 'my husband!'

"My only advice to anyone planning their wedding is: don’t stress the small stuff, and savor every single moment. It goes by SO quickly and people will tell you that, but you won’t realize it until you’re truly IN IT."  -- Kathleen


Ceremony: St. Michael’s in Old Town // Reception: The Westin O’Hare // Photography: Jill Tiongco Photography // Videographer: Ethan Nicolopolous and Tony Petersen // Bride's Gown: Haute & Co. Bridal Boutique, Custom Balero: MPost Designers // Formalwear: Men’s Warehouse // Bridesmaids' Gowns: Reddington Bridal // Hair: Pin Me Up Chicago // Makeup: Sonia Roselli, Sami Young // Flowers: Flowers by Stem // Sweets: Oak Mill Bakery | Entertainment: Fig Weddings // Photo Booth: Fotio // Stationery: Squared Wedding Press // Transportation: Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. 

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