Friday, October 16, 2015

Q&A with the Loews O'Hare Love Affair Winners Savannah & Jake!

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Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel and ChicagoStyle Weddings teamed up to create the ultimate wedding contest -- entrants share their engagement photos and stories for the chance to win the wedding of their dreams in the Loews O'Hare Love Affair! The public cast their votes and the winners were the lovely Savannah and Jake! The pair have been busy planning as they prepare for their big day on September 10, 2016. Help them make decisions for their big day by voting! 

How did you hear about the Loews O’Hare Love Affair Contest? What made you decide to apply?
After getting engaged in early June, we decided to take a few weeks to just enjoy being engaged. In mid/late June we started the early stages of wedding planning. We quickly learned that weddings aren't exactly cheap.

Savannah had remembered that her best friend had won part of her honeymoon. Savannah began a simple web search looking for wedding sweepstakes and contests to see if we could win anything to help offset the cost. After learning about Loews O'Hare Love Affair we decided to enter because we didn't have anything to lose. We read the rules, and knew we had a large group of supporters, so we figured we would just give it a shot.

How did you grow such a following?
We created an event on Facebook to ask for votes. At first, we didn't know if it would work or not, but we both invited our entire friends list to the event and posted our story and the link to vote. We were surprised to learn that so many friends and family were really excited and they started to invite people.

Loews had told us that "likes" and votes were not the same thing, on the voting page, but we figured if we had a lot of "likes" then our votes couldn't be far behind. So we would track our "likes." We would post a voting reminder every morning, and we would update everyone mid-day and in the evening. We would let everyone know where we stood with "likes" and we would set small goals everyday to get more votes.

Everyone really liked seeing that number move, so that motivated people to vote and share. We also posted a blank map of the United States. We would color in each state that we had a vote in and then share the map again. This motivated people to send it to their friends and family in other states to help us gain votes. We did this the last week of the contest to really get a last push of votes. It was so much fun!

What were your first thoughts when you found out that you’d won? 
Savannah received an email from Drew at Loews O'Hare letting us know that we had won. She was at work when this happened, and started jumping up and down, screaming with excitement. Jake was home, and she called him to let him know. Savannah then sent out a text to all of our family and friends to let them know - and to tell them not to say anything yet because Loews needed to announce it. We were really excited and shocked!

We LOVE your “Bond” theme. Why did you choose it?
Jake is a filmmaker and a huge James Bond fan while Savannah really enjoys the class and prestige that is presented in the Bond films. We have always said that we would want a wedding that we could look back on in 50 years and it would still be considered classy. Bond is the longest spanning franchise in film history, obviously they have done something right to remain timeless. When taking all of those things in to consideration it was a no-brainer with what our theme should be, and that is how "From Chicago With Love" was born.

How do you feel about the selections that have been made so far? 
We are very excited about the selections so far. We trust that our friends and family wouldn't let us down. They know our styles and our personalities, and it shows because everything that has been chosen so far has been what we wanted!

Anything else you'd like to share with your vendors or our readers?
We would love to share with the vendors that we are very excited to be working with such a talented group of professionals. We never thought that we would have an opportunity like this and we are very thankful.

For the readers: take chances and enter contests! Haha! You never know what could happen. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help. Even with everything that is being done for us, we have so many people who want to help out in anyway possible on our big day. We have learned that people love "love" and that they enjoy helping and being included!

Thanks so much to Savannah and Jake for sharing with us! Keep casting your votes to help them choose all of the special parts of their big day! And stay up to date with their vlogs by "Liking" their page From Chicago with Love on Facebook! 

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