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How to Create a Totally Unique Wedding Day Look

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Every once in a while I talk with a bride who tells me that every bridal salon put her in virtually the same dress. Now, don't get me wrong -- there's certainly something to be said for a fabulous trendy dress. And if a shape works for you, it works for you. But sometimes it's nice to just wear a look that's totally your own.

If you're not a mermaid kind of girl normally, that may not be what you want to wear for your wedding day. Instead, Owner Antonietta Cervantes and our friends at Veiled by ChaCha offered some of their best advice on how to create your own personal and unique wedding look

1. Consider Your Theme and Venue
As you begin to determine how you want to look on your wedding day, consider all aspects of your wedding style. Are you getting married in a historical mansion? A vintage look with fit in perfectly. Opting for a high-end art gallery? Something high fashion and modern will do the trick. Considering a really rustic look? Maybe you want to go with a more earthy champagne color rather than a true white. Consider your wedding day look an extension of the theme, and you're sure to find the perfect gown!

Beautiful gown provided by Veiled by ChaCha, located at the Danada House

2. Seek out rare-find or limited edition gowns
Yes! These exist! This is a thing! If you're looking for something really unique that not every bride is wearing right now, consider a rare-find or limited edition gown. These beauties are hard to come by, but some boutiques specialize in curating the perfect collection of rare finds and limited editions. They're not your dime-a-dozen fit-and-flare, they bring a whole new meaning to the word couture. Try one on -- you won't be disappointed.

Gorgeous, unique gown by St. Pucchi, provided by Veiled by ChaCha

3. Custom Veil
Arguably the most important accessory, veils are literally the only thing between your face and your guests on your wedding day. They are going to see it. If you're looking for something unique, don't risk a DIY disaster. Talk with a seamstress who can help you create the perfect custom veil for your look. Consider the fabrics used in your dress, a lace from your mom's gown, beading with some significance -- think about what is important in a veil for you. You're guaranteed to come up with a one-of-a-kind style. If a veil isn't your thing, try a custom hat, birdcage, or fascinator!

Custom veil by Veiled by ChaCha. Photo by Duron Studio Photography, Originally seen in ChicagoStyle Weddings magazine on pg. 268.

4. Using (or Updating) an Heirloom
Unique doesn't need to mean that you're the only person to wear a piece. Rather, it means that you might take a piece and make it your own. Maybe your mom's veil is amazing and with a little bit of work, you could make it a one of a kind piece. Or maybe the lace from Grandma's gown could make the perfect belt. I guarantee no one else will ever be wearing a sash like that! You could even take your mom's gown and use the fabric to create hand-cut flowers to add to your dress or hair!

If you're looking at using an heirloom, be sure that it's in good condition before relying on it on your wedding day. If there are a few issues, look into vintage restoration. Pros in vintage restoration can take an antique and make it look new...but in that totally vintage kind of way, of course. Don't worry, even if your mom's gown is ripped, there's always hope!

Vintage veil restoration by Veiled by ChaCha

5. Custom Accessories -- The Final Touch
If you have a totally unique look going, don't ruin it with your run of the mill ivory wedding shoes. No -- go above and beyond to make the final details perfect. Consider wearing shoes that show off your wedding colors. Or add some heirloom lace to them to be your something borrowed! Also, fall is here, my friends. Deny it all you want, but it's going to get colder. A beautiful knit sweater for over your dress could be the perfect final touch. Having a winter wedding? Make it a fur shawl and you're ready to go. Plus, you'll look adorable in pictures!

One of a kind Ravini gown, custom veil and hair flower by Veiled by ChaCha. Rented fur.

Thank you so much to our friends over at Veiled by ChaCha for all these amazing ideas and tips! They specialize in crafting a beautifully curated collection of limited edition and rare-find bridal gowns. They are also pros at vintage restoration and love creating custom veils, belts, fascinators, garters, hats and more! Visit their website, or call 630.790.1328 to make your appointment today!

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