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Cupcake Magic: Jumbo Cupcakes Take On the Traditional Wedding Cake

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When planning a wedding, one of the things wedding guests will expect on the big day -- beyond a beautiful dress -- is dessert. Traditionally wedding receptions made the focal point of the menu a grand, multi-tiered wedding cake, but times have changed. Serving cupcakes at weddings is trending more than ever -- either to replace tier cakes or complement the traditional cake choice.

To understand the benefits of wedding cupcakes, I interviewed Chicago baker Clinique Cottingham from Bake-N-Cupcakes.

Clinique Cottingham has always been an entrepreneur and always worked for herself. Instead of making mini- or standard-sized cupcakes, Clinique wanted to create only Jumbo cupcakes so the enjoyment of eating them would keep people coming back for more.

In Chicago, people who order from Bake-N-Cupcakes rave about the cupcakes being moist, fluffy and absolutely amazing in flavor. There are even adult flavor options available, which are alcohol-infused cupcakes. Those popular flavors include Strawberry Daiquiri, Patron, and more. As for the most popular cupcake flavors for the Jumbo cupcake business, there are several, including:

Triple Chocolate Threat
Seductive Snickers
Raging Red Velvet with Oreo Cookie
Lip Smacking Lemon with Oreo Cookie
Oreo Cookies & Cream
Strawberry Shortcake
And the Crazy Candy Combination

So, we asked Clinique some questions about Jumbo cupcakes to see how they fit into the wedding world!

In comparison to a regular sized cupcake, how big are jumbo cupcakes? 
They are 3.5 in diameter and the base is 2.5. If you are looking for gluten-free cupcakes, Bake-N-Cupcakes offers them but baked on “request only” and a 50% deposit must be put down.

What are the advantages of ordering jumbo cupcakes for your wedding?
You won’t have to worry about transportation issues. When you place your orders in a timely fashion, you can have them safely transported by having the cupcakes shipped directly to your event site. You don’t have to worry about the stress of transporting a seven-tier wedding cake or looking for ways to refrigerate the food items. Cupcakes are easier to store in a fridge in comparison to a tiered cake.

The overall look of jumbo cupcakes remains until the last bite. When you have a big wedding cake, it only remains as beautiful as the first cut slice. Shortly after it’s a train wreck -- there’s no such thing as cutting a perfect slice of cake for everyone. Often, the icing and cake filling get everywhere. With jumbo cupcakes, everyone has a perfect piece. And you can buy cupcakes that beautifully match your wedding decor!

How do you choose the right flavor?
With cupcakes, you can pick an assortment of cupcake flavors for the varied tastes of your wedding guests. As many of us know, it’s a struggle picking a wedding cake flavor every guest will love. You can't make everyone happy -- especially if your favorite flavors lean a bit more non-traditional than a typical wedding (hello, Ciroc Pineapple). With cupcakes, you can get something for everyone -- and maybe even a personal batch for you and your sweetheart!

What about storing the left overs?
If you don’t plan to eat your jumbo cupcakes right way, it's best to store them in the fridge. The cupcakes should either come in a box or airtight container.

Just a rule of thumb: no baked good with icing, eggs or milk in the formula should be kept at room temperature. That’s how bacteria forms. To prevent bacteria growth, you should always keep baked goods in the fridge.

If you are living in Chicago and searching for Bake-N-Cupcakes, the store is only online. You can place your order by emailing or text 708-328-8657. Bake-N-Cupcakes delivers not only locally in Chicago, but also nationwide. To view samples of Bake-N-Cupcakes, check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

If you’re ready to add a little sweetness to your life and order jumbo cupcakes today, let us know how you use them for your wedding events and more! Enjoy!

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