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Real Wedding: Kailey and Rob Deubel

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How They Met...

Kailey's Version:
We met in Junior High, when we were 12 years old and both in our "awkward" stage. He had a bowl haircut parted down the middle, and I had the weird bangs and wore overalls. Rob and I hung out with the same group of friends and remained really close all through High School and College. Every time any of us would come home from school for break we always got together to catch up.

One time when we were back home on break Rob asked me out, and we have been together ever since. We actually kept our relationship a little bit of a secret from our friends for awhile, we just did not want to change our group dynamic if it did not work out between us. Well, it definitely worked out and we were not as secretive as we thought -- our friends knew we were dating the whole time! 

A few years after we started dating, Rob surprised me with an English Bulldog we named Ogie, and a few years after that Rob, with the help of Ogie, asked me to marry him. We lucked out and each got to marry a friend we have known all of our lives.

Rob’s version:
1. Boy meets girl.
2. Girl plays hard to get for 7 years.
3. Boy finally gets a pity date in college.
4. Girl is pleasantly surprised with how awesome Boy is.
5. Boy buys Girl a puppy.
6. Girl tolerates boy for two more years.
7. Boy buys ring and uses the puppy's cuteness to distract Girl.
8. While distracted by cute puppy, Girl says yes.
9. Boy requests open bar.
10. Dance party.

The Wedding Day...

"The day we got married was probably the most genuinely happy we had ever been. I woke up completely excited and ready to meet him at the church, I just could not wait to see him. Once they put the veil on me I knew that was it -- we were on our way and Rob would be there waiting for me.

"Rob is a hockey player and my dad teased me, saying I was like a player getting all amped up and ready to go out on the ice before a big game before we walked down the aisle. Once Rob and I made eye contact, we didn’t look at anyone else until we were next to each other at the alter. 

"Rob’s uncle is a priest and officiated the ceremony. That meant so much to us because he is family and it made that moment even more special. After the kiss we were both so happy to be married and so ready to celebrate with everyone we love.

"The reception was amazing, everything turned out even more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. The whole room was filled with candles and it overlooked the skyline. We got to look at it before anyone else was in there and just soak it all in, that was one of the best moments for us. 

"One of my favorite things was our card box that my Dad and Rob built out of Rob’s, my Dad’s and his Dad’s old hockey sticks. It is something that is so special and so perfect for us. We also had a hockey net set up so every time someone wanted us to kiss, they had to score a goal. That went over way better than we expected, almost to the point that we could have left the room and people would have still been shooting at the net.

"Both of us come from very large Irish families, so we had the bar stocked with Jameson and everyone partied on the dance floor with us all night long. I was an Irish dancer growing up, so we even did a little Irish dancing, too. It was a perfect combination of both of us and who we are as a couple. 

"The last song we played that night was a favorite of ours called ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ by the Irish band Gaelic Storm. We go to Irish Fest in Milwaukee every year with Kay’s family and Gaelic Storm plays that song as their finale. It is our favorite song because we are always surrounded by the best people when we hear it, and that night we were surrounded by the people we love the most.

"We had so much fun that night and it really did fly by. The food was amazing, the view was amazing, the people who shared that day with us were amazing, and the entire day as a whole was absolutely perfect and the best way to start our life together." -- Kailey

Check out Kailey and Rob's Wedding Video, too! 


Ceremony: Holy Family Catholic Church // Reception: The Adler Planetarium // Photography: Jill Tiongco Photography // Videography: Joe Mastrino and Ojo Creative // Officiant: Father Dave Dowdle // Wedding Consultant: The Adler Planetarium and Food For Thought // Bride's Gown: Jasmine Galleria // Hair: Bride’s Sister, Crista Oliver of Mirror Mirror Salon // Makeup: Yely for MAC Cosmetics // Bridemaids' dresses: Jasmine Galleria // Formalwear: Men's Wearhouse // Groom's Tux: Jacket was custom made // Stationery: Little Bridge Design // Flowers: R&D Rausch-Clifford Florist // Catering: Food For Thought // Entertainment: Music Mania, Inc. // Sweets: Oak Mill Bakery // Transportation: Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Company

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