Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Including Tissues in Your Invitation -- Is It Necessary? Experts Answer!

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Have you wondered why some formal wedding invitations include a piece of tissue and others do not? What purpose does that thin tissue serve? Is the tissue necessary?

That single tissue placed directly over the invitation has a rich, historical tradition. Centuries ago when all formal wedding invitations were handwritten, engraved or came off a letterpress, the wet ink required significant time to dry. The delicate tissue was used to as a protective layer to keep the ink from smearing the invitation, ensuring its arrival in pristine condition.

If you plan to utilize tissues, remember that they are only placed on top of the actual invitation. The reply card, hotel card, and any other enclosure accessories are layered on top of the tissue. Tissues are not placed between the enclosure cards; instead a single tissue used only to cover the invitation below.

First impressions are so very important, and your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Tissue is very inexpensive, yet the elegant impact it makes is immense. This thin layer can add a formality and significance to an otherwise ordinary invitation.

Modern technology has vastly improved printing processes and wedding invitations are now created with fast drying ink or digitally. Thus, most of today’s invitations neglect to include this time honored tissue custom, but I think this simple layer adds a touch of glamour and tradition in our fast paced world.

Thanks so much to Anna and the team at Kathryn's Bridal in McHenry for explaining the significance of using tissue with a formal invitation. For more ideas and stationery options, contact Kathryn's Bridal at 815.385.7330 or visit their website at

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