Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Have Fun -- Play Hookie the Day Before Your Wedding!

Let's be honest, no one wants to work right before their wedding. On rehearsal day, the only thing you want to worry about is rehearsing -- not whether or not you will finish that last spreadsheet by the time you need to leave. It's basically cruel and unusual punishment to have to work the day before your wedding! No, thank you.

If you are able, we firmly suggest playing hookie at least once or twice around your wedding date. The key is to make a plan to ensure that you're not stressing yourself out (even more) right before the big day! Make sure your work is wrapped up neatly with a bow and then get the heck out of the office before your boss gives you another project. 

Beyond work scheduling, plan activities for your wedding weekend. Come up with ways to enjoy your time so you're not sitting around twiddling your thumbs, thinking about all the details you might have forgotten. Susan Evangelou from the Eaglewood Resort and Spa suggests grabbing your group and hitting the spa! She recommends creating your own sort of "spa package," if you will. Put together your favorite spa experiences to create a relaxing day to remember before all the lovely insanity begins. 

Evangelou says these are a few of her clients' most beloved stress-relievers:
  • Reflexology massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Reiki
  • Mud or Lavender wrap 
  • Blueberry facial
  • Royal spa pedicure

Don't be afraid to mix and match! Go with a Blueberry facial to get your newly-wed glow on, and pair it with a reflexology massage to feel loose and relaxed. Top the services off with a Royal spa pedicure to ensure your toes are worthy of your Badgley Mischka's, and you're set for your big day! Don't forget to bring your attendants in with you -- a spa day is the perfect thank you for all those hours of DIY-ing they put in because you had to create your own homemade jam favors. 

The spa isn't the only place you and your pals can enjoy some relaxation. Hit the pool in the afternoon to keep the relaxation rolling. Just think, mimosas brought to you as you lounge on a chaise next to clear water on a sunny day. Yes, please! Just don't forget the sunscreen -- no one wants to look like a lobster as they walk down the aisle in a white dress.

When the evening rolls around, there's always time for a little more fun. But tons of alcohol the night before your wedding may not be the best idea. Skip the bars and opt for some family fun. Evangelou recommends bowling! The Eaglewood Resort & Spa actually has their own private bowling alley -- really! Talk about a great way to end a rehearsal dinner. Grab the crew and bowl a few frames before heading to bed to dream about your big moment the next day!

For more fun ideas to celebrate your wedding weekend, bachelor/bachelorette soiree or vacation, visit the Eaglewood Resort & Spa's website or call them at to make a reservation!


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