Friday, August 21, 2015

All You Need to Know About Gown Preservation -- From the Experts!

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You treat your wedding dress like a 3,000-year-old crystal vase before the wedding and all through the ceremony and pictures, then you tromp around all day letting the dress fall where it will. Because after a couple champagne toasts and all the portraits you could ever want, who cares what happens to the dress, right?

Until the next day. You wake up to a crumpled gown on the floor, and shudder at all the memories just lying there in a heap! And while you hang it back up on your custom Etsy hanger, you know you absolutely MUST clean and preserve it so it stays as fresh and beautiful as it was on your wedding day.

The only issue is that you have no idea what gown preservation entails. Well, here's the good news. Someone out there does! We called in the experts at Kathryn’s Bridal to give you the details on what to do with your gorgeous gown post-wedding.

Anna Novak, a manager at Kathryn's, offered her sage advice just for you! If you have other questions, ask them in the comments!

How quickly after the wedding do I need to preserve my gown?
"The prompt cleaning and care of your gown will secure its color and beauty for future use. The sooner, the better!"

Who can preserve my gown properly?
"The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has specialized in gown preservation for over 100 years and has built a trusted name among brides for many generations. Certified specialists ensure safe, gentle, and environmentally friendly laundering and preservation of your gown and two items such as the veil, jacket, ring pillow, handkerchief, gloves or garter. Contact us at Kathryn’s Bridal for more information about this service."

Should I do anything to my gown before bringing it in for preservation?
"Please remember to carefully take down your bustle before preservation for the best results."

How long does preservation take?
"This individualized care requires up to 10 weeks for final delivery to your door."

What will my dress look like when I get it back? 
"Upon completion, your gown will be fitted on an acid-free bust form and packed in their acid-neutral preservation chest that offers a window to view. Any additional items will be properly placed underneath your dress."

Can I store my wedding gown in the attic or basement? 
"No! Premier wedding gown designers recommend professionally preserving your beautiful dress to protect it from discoloration and disintegration, then storing it in a climate controlled area of your home."

For more details on the particulars of gown preservation, or to have your wedding dress preserved, contact Kathryn's Bridal in McHenry by calling 815.385.7330.

Photos courtesy of The Wedding Gown Preservation Company

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