Friday, August 7, 2015

A Handbook for Creating Memorable Wedding Photos


The hallmark of a great wedding photo album is its ability to reveal your unique love story. Creating inspiring snapshots requires you to do some homework, though. Before consulting with your photographer, consider the following sources to shape the vision of your wedding day memories:


Before technology, flipping through pages of a magazine served as a way to identify the types of pictures you wanted for your big day, and it is still a great place to start. Make notes as you look through magazines to decide the style of photography you prefer. Do you want edgy and bold or traditional and elegant? Determine which settings appeal to you. Do you like traditional shots or are you interested in putting a zing in your pictures? Magazines tend to experiment with poses and graphics, so they offer ideas you may want to discuss with your photographer. We may be a little biased, but we think ChicagoStyle Weddings Magazine is probably a good place to start. ;]


From finding local photographers to learning the right way to pose to choosing the venue for your wedding day, blogs are the modern day yellow pages to locate the right information for your big day. Many local industry pros have blogs that offer tips for behind-the-scene preparations as well as where to find the best caterers and how to deal with difficult relatives, nerves, and stress prior to walking down the aisle. These blogs can also give you ideas for what to take pictures of at your wedding and some great ways to display them.


People who crave DIY inspiration love Pinterest. Start by searching for wedding photo boards and start pinning different websites and blog posts that appeal to you. After painting your personal canvas on your wedding board, click on the links to access more details of each pin. These ideas tend to be versatile, so they can help you create a guide of poses and settings that cater to your individual taste.

Stock Photography

We know this is a little odd, but bear with us. The wedding day images presented in stock photography offer polished snapshot ideas. Websites like Shutterstock pull images with a simple search like "wedding photography." Then, it is up to you to discover what fits your taste by narrowing the search to something more specific. Since this website adds new stock images every week, chances are you will land on a variety of inspirational wedding day photographs every time you visit.

Your Parents' Wedding Albums

Trying to recreate a vintage look on your wedding day? Grab your parents' wedding albums and use them to see what props, settings, and coloring techniques you can use to achieve the same look. It is a novel way to create a wedding day memory to honor your past and add a special touch of personalization.


If you crave a risk in your photographs, use art as a medium for inspiration. Your photographer can infuse an artistic license to create a particular shot and depart from traditional photography. For a modern tilt, art offers a way to experiment with your setting, technique, and photo presentation.

Where have you found inspiration for your wedding photos? Let us know in the comments below!


Stephen Brown said...

Megan and I received a lot of creative energy by looking at her parent's wedding album. We even recreated a few of their pictures on our wedding day. Now we have our picture in a frame next to their photo. It reminds us of their great example in marriage.

Kelsey O'Shaughnessy said...

Love this! Thanks so much for sharing! :]

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