Monday, August 3, 2015

How to Create the Perfect Sweets Table

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Whenever we receive a client request to create a custom wedding sweet table, we start with the basics:

  1. What is the theme of the wedding?
  2. What are the colors?
  3. Tell us about the couple. Since it's their special day, it is of the utmost importance to capture their personality, soul and spirit to really enhance the mood of their wedding through a sweet table.
  4. Are there any special dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or diabetic?
  5. And finally, are there any special ethnic or religious desserts that the family would like to be served as traditional favorites of the couple or their nationality?

Wedding cakes these days just seem to be there more for traditional purposes, or often there isn’t even one at all. This cake may just be a smaller version of a wedding cake, like a grooms cake, solely for the purpose of photos of cutting the cake.

Clients often choose to add a dessert station to a sweet table package to create a really full variety of desserts for their guests. Customization allows for a lot of flexibility in menu choices, display options, and - most importantly - budget considerations.

Interactive dessert stations or a combination of "mix and match" dessert stations are an innovative way to serve dessert that will keep your guests coming back for more. Some trendy favorites are popcorn stations, s'mores bars, ice cream push-pop bars, candy and cupcake stations, mousse stations, or  fudge and milk stations.

When creating any dessert display, it is equally delicious and aesthetically appealing. As the expression says, we eat with our eyes first!

To create a gorgeous design, serve treats in unique jars, platters, tiered stands, footed stands along with interesting serving pieces. We particularly love mini shot glasses, jars or cones served with their own individual mini spoons. Vary levels of elevation and add specialty lighting to give depth. Custom floral arrangements and candles also a great way to enhance the look and ambiance of the table.

The most interesting and fun way to serve dessert is to make everything bite sized. Mini mousse cups, tiramisus, panna cottas, cheesecake bites, key lime pie shots, or layered ice cream push-pops are a sure way to offer your guests a wonderful variety of sweets that they can just pop in their mouths between dancing and conversation.

Anything on a stick is a great pick-up-on-the-go item, like cake pops, cookie dough pops, brownie pops, truffle pops or pie pops. Since our specialty is chocolate, we serve a lot of chocolates confections, such as truffles, turtles, toffee, s'mores, and caramel apples. Dipped treats are also very popular right now. Guests are loving chocolate dipped Oreos, marshmallows, Rice Krispy treats, pretzels and potato chips (we love the salty and sweet combo!).

Many people prefer to allow their guests to do their own dipping. People love a good fondu moment. We suggest having lots of fresh fruits, like strawberries, grapes, bananas, oranges, and pineapple. Alternatively, prepare fruit kebabs for easy dipping. This method is always great because guests can enjoy them while the chocolate is still melty -- it doesn’t get much better (or richer) than that!

For more ideas and information on Desiree's gorgeous sweets tables, find her on Facebook or visit her website.

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