Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Who to Invite Gown Shopping: Small or Large Group?

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Finding your wedding gown can be exciting, emotional, and overwhelming! You’ll likely begin by spending numerous hours looking at the latest styles of dresses in magazines and online. Making your appointment at a bridal boutique to actually try on gowns is next on your list!

But the big question is, who should you invite to attend your first dress shopping experience?

“Most brides prefer only a small trusted group such as Mom and sister(s) to assist with actually finding their gown. Afterwards, the bride often invites her large circle of ladies to help accessorize with jewelry and a veil at an entirely separate appointment," explains Kathryn Trocki, owner of Kathryn's Bridal in McHenry.

According to Randy Fenoli, star of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, "Your shopping partners should support you and have a very clear understanding about your goal and what your bridal style and budget are. They need to respect the fact that this is your wedding gown and be there to offer advice only when asked."

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! So, before you make your initial bridal salon appointment, determine specifically how many differing opinions you would like to hear and invite accordingly. Only include people who can offer sincere feedback and enhance your shopping experience.

Remember that the larger your crowd at the bridal shop, the more likely you will not find your dress.

Thank you so much to Anna Novak and Kathryn's Bridal, for sharing this insight with us! For more information about Kathryn's Bridal, visit their website and Facebook page. Call 815.385.7330 to make an appointment!

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