Monday, May 18, 2015

Is a $10K Wedding Possible in Chicago?

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The average wedding in the city of Chicago costs approximately $27,000! With this fact, many couples choose to limit the guest count and do a smaller, all-inclusive destination wedding to save on funds.

However, working with various vendors, caterers and venues over the years led me to realize that if you coordinate properly, you can actually get married right in Chicago for around $10,000! The key thing to remember here is that you must talk with your vendors. When discussing budget, be honest and be realistic. If they're not willing to accommodate that budget, find someone who will!

A $10K is possible! If that's your budget, don't fret! Just take a minute to decide what's important to you and how many guests you'd really like to have. Then start planning.

Because coordination is such an important part of putting together a $10K wedding, we'd like to show you our package to give you an idea of what this kind of wedding might look like! Take a look at this sample proposal for a 100-guest cocktail reception wedding!

Venue- Moonlight Studios is a beautiful event space in Chicago's west loop. This budget friendly location is perfect for a cocktail reception!

Design- Imagine a modern lounge vignette with cocktail dinner style seating for 50, complete with handwoven linen and custom tabletop designs. The other 50 guest will be busy on the dance floor! The entire event will be planned by Pretty in Pink Entertainment.

Dinner- We all know that food trucks are the most popular, delicious and affordable way to go! Big Star Tacos will deliver a build-your-own taco bar complete with a Big Star Salad, chips, guacamole and salsa! Your guests will be drooling!

Cocktails- Drinks On Me Catering's finest bartenders will serve two creative cocktails, two fine wines and two ice cold beer selections for FOUR hours!

Desert- The days of the five-tier cake that no one eats are long gone! Brown Sugar Bakery will drop off a fresh sweetheart cake for the couple to cut, and guest can indulge in an assortment of mini cupcakes and treats.

Photography- Jolie Images will capture your entire event.

Music- Build your own playlist and our Resident DJ will mix it and spin it!

Package Total =          $10,000

22% Service Fee           $2,200

Tax                                $925


               Total Cost = $13,125

See? A $10K wedding is absolutely possible right here in Chicago! For more information on how to plan your perfect $10K wedding, contact Pretty in Pink Entertainment at   

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