Friday, March 20, 2015

PHOTO SHOOT: "The Desi Bride" by Edra Couture Beauty Brides

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This gorgeous bridal photo shoot was submitted to us by hair and makeup artist Edra Wilson of Edra Couture Beauty Brides. We are so in love with these styles! Talk about glamour! Talk about inspiration!

Check out the video for Edra's explanation of how to get the look. And be sure to check out more of the final images from the photo shoot below! 


Ashyana Banquets

Mark Serrano

Puneet Walia

Edra Wilson for Edra Couture Beauty Brides

Neel's Firdous

Cynthia Breski for Sweet Minerals

Lauren Schieler

Edra Wilson describes her inspiration for this shoot: 

"A Desi Bride is a young woman of mainly Indian descent, but can also be Pakistani or Bangladeshi. Respect, glamour, power, sincerity, love, honesty, compassion, creativity, dedication, hard work, brilliancy, beauty, pride flows in their veins. 
"What inspired me to create the Desi Bride look was  that I wanted to capture the beauty of the bridal tradition from the South Asian, Eastern-side Indian, Pakistani, all those countries that are similar but different. 
"Today, brides are not always marrying from their own heritages or countries, many wonderful mixed marriages of race and religion are happening everyday. I wanted to create a look that any bride could connect to, even if she was from the western-side or the Caribbean-side. 
"My inspiration was about connecting the east to the west, and showcasing that bridal cultures and traditions are beautiful."


Thank you so much to Edra Wilson of Edra Couture Beauty Brides for sending us this amazing video and wonderful images! We are so loving this look! 

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