Monday, February 16, 2015

Small Personal Touches to Make Your Wedding Perfect

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Wedding day planning usually includes choosing a venue, deciding on a caterer and, of course, picking out your dress. Although these important elements deserve your focus, don't forget about the small and unique touches that make your wedding special. These details are the ones that will create a lasting memory of your wedding.

Childhood Pictures Down the Aisle
Your guests will take a walk down memory lane as they find their seats. Attach picture frames to the aisle seats with fun memories from your childhood and relationship together. You will be able to see the moments that brought you to this point as you make your way down the aisle.

Mini Compasses as Place Cards
For a destination wedding, attach place cards to mini compasses to highlight your theme. This can be a cute trinket and will show your guests how much thought you put into your decor. Try to find the option that works for you on Etsy. Having a Chicago wedding? Maybe an ornament featuring a city skyline!

Unique Centerpieces
Instead of using flowers as a centerpiece, place individual pictures of you and your guests in the middle. This can help your guests feel included and give them something to talk about while reminiscing about that special moment.

Soundtrack of Your Songs
Music is a great way to add a special touch to your wedding. Make a special playlist with your favorite love songs or any songs that you and your husband-to-be love to listen to together. You even can share this playlist with your guests afterward on Spotify to remind them of your special day.

Personalized Seating Cards
To add a nice, personal gesture, incorporate your guest's pictures as their place card setting. This way they can easily find their picture instead of hunting for their name. And, it can make a thoughtful keepsake that your guests can take home.

Detailed Theme
When committing to an overall theme for your wedding, the details will make a big difference in pulling it off. For example, if you are having a rustic wedding, use rustic blinds in your dining hall or reception area to give the lighting and decor a specific look. The Shade Store offers a wide selection so you can find what works best for your theme.

Photo Booth
Photo booths are a great way for your guests to celebrate and have fun at your wedding. You can equip the booth with items that highlight your theme or accessorize it with hats, signs and boas so that guests can laugh while making memories together. Since guests can take their pictures home, it also can double as a party favor. Consider options for photo booth rentals at The Traveling Photo Booth.

Backdrop of Your Wedding Vows
A dramatic and unique detail centers around your wedding vows. You can blow up the vows on a large canvas and add them as a backdrop as you exchange them with your groom. This can be a unique spin on traditional vow exchanges.

Sparklers for Your Exit
Want to make a fancy exit after the reception? Sparklers can light up the night and provide a unique way for your guests to witness your exit as husband and wife. Plus, the glowing lights will look great in pictures.

Customized Drink Labels
Customize the label on the champagne bottle for your toast. It can be a monogram, a picture of the two of you or your names and the date of your wedding—just make sure it is special to you.

Small touches can make your wedding enjoyable and memorable. These personal gestures will definitely make scrapbook-worthy memories.

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