Monday, February 2, 2015

Great Wedding Registry Ideas for Fans of the Performing Arts

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Perhaps you met your fiancé while you were both performing in a community theater play, or maybe you discovered during your first date that you both adore old films. No matter how or where you met, you are happily engaged and looking forward to spending the rest of your life with someone who loves the performing arts as much as you do.

And, now that you are planning your wedding registry, you might be thinking about adding some gift ideas that reflect your love of plays, musicals and movies. The following suggestions are ideal for couples who love the performing arts:

Tickets to a Show
If you and your beloved enjoy going to the theater, consider registering for tickets to Broadway in Chicago musicals or plays. To make registering for tickets as easy as possible, think about making a wish list on a website like My Registry. This way, instead of limiting your list to only one store or website, you can have numerous websites all in one location.

Broadway Towels
Towels are always an appropriate wedding registry idea. If you like appearing in or watching live theater, you and your sweetie can register for a collection of Broadway-themed towels. Available from Bed Bath & Beyond, the DKNY Broadway towels come in both bath and hand sizes. The 100 percent white cotton towels include city-themed graphics in black and a taxi cab yellow trim. As a bonus, the neutral colors will go well with any other bathroom decor.

Theater Shower Curtains
If you and your betrothed would rather be in a movie theater than just about anywhere else, you might be thrilled to receive a movie theater-themed shower curtain. Café Press sells a wide variety of options, including a classic movie reel on a red background, traditional comedy and tragedy masks or favorite plays like Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes.

Ticket Plates
All new married couples need a set of dinner plates. But, to really make them your own, enjoy your cheeseburger and fries on a theater-themed dish. Zazzle features dinner plates with a classic-looking ticket printed on the front. Plus, the plates are dishwasher safe and super durable.

Framed Movie Posters
A great way to show off your love of performing arts is by decorating your apartment or home with framed movie posters. All Posters carries almost 400 items in its musicals and plays categories, including posters from famous Broadway shows like "Les Miserables," "Annie" and "Cats." You can pick your favorite posters and easily include them in your My Registry list. Plus, you can choose from either custom-framed or non-framed versions, so they are sure to match your other decorations.

No matter what you decide to register for, help your guests find something that suits your personality as a couple and items you will use throughout your lives together.

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