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Three Toast Tips for the Father of the Bride

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The father of the bride at a wedding is like the backup quarterback of a football team: Reliable, not too flashy and a crowd favorite. We love dads! There was even a show in the late 80’s called My Two Dads…now there is American Dad…and back in 1990 Bill Cosby starred in Ghost Dad.

I know I just mentioned Cosby and you got uptight. Relax, it’s a reference.

The point is America loves dads, and at the wedding reception, EVERYONE in the room wants the father of the bride to do well with his toast. Most dads don’t like the task of getting up in front of the room and talking mushy feelings…they just want to write the check for the wedding, have a decent father-daughter dance to the tried and true favorite ‘Butterfly Kisses’ and call it a night.

Well, fear not, men! You are a dad and you've more than earned the right to say a few words at the reception. We can’t guarantee you will turn into Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, but we can share with you a couple quick tips to keep in your back pocket next to your pocket knife and overstuffed wallet. 

1) Don’t Say, “I’m Not One for Speeches” – Never liked when the father of the bride or groom started out this way. People who come to a wedding aren’t expecting the Gettysburg Address or a Chris Rock HBO special. The crowd just wants a few nice, heartfelt thoughts from a great guy. That great guy is you. Thank everyone for being there, especially the out-of-towners and compliment your daughter, the bride, in a sincere way.

“Hanna your beauty is on display tonight for all your friends and family to witness, but a day hasn’t gone by since you’ve been born that I didn’t think you were the most beautiful girl in the room." (Cue the collective "aww.")

2) Endorse The Groom – There’s a good chance you gave this guy your blessing in a private setting to marry your little girl, so sing his praise in public. The fact that YOU are letting this guy marry your daughter means that next to you, he’s the best guy in the world to provide and care for your precious princess.

“Tim, I know you love Hanna with all of your heart and having you join the family means the world to us. You make Hanna smile every day and your kindness touches everyone…You’re not only a great guy, but you are the only guy for my daughter."

3) Throw in a Joke. Why Not?! – A little humor can go a long way into making you seem likable and the speech being memorable. If you’re paying for the open bar, go ahead and ask one of the groomsmen not to put you in debt (you can pick on a groomsman who has a bit of a wild side). Or maybe there is a crazy uncle known for awful dancing at family events. Call him out and tell him you can’t wait for him to split his pants while dancing to “Billie Jean”. And smile when you say it, everyone loves a great smile.

Josh Womack is the founder of Laughstaff, a speech-writing company that uses stand-up comedians as consultants to best men and matrons of honor around the world. Laughstaff will help you deliver a wedding toast that is heartfelt, hilarious and memorable. Follow them on twitter and check them out at

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