Monday, January 12, 2015

Real Wedding: Denise and George

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Our dear friend Denise Adan of Jazzy Flowers recently married her sweetheart, George. We're so happy to be able to share her wedding with you. 

We happened to meet during our first semester of college, but never spoke to each other. The following semester, we discovered we were both animation majors when we had our first animation class together. We had so much fun talking that by the end of that first class George turned to me and said, "We're going to be best friends forever."

We were great friends for 5 years, then became roomates for 2 years and at that point, though it was totally obvious to everyone else, we were starting to wonder if we loved each other. It was totally awkward and weird. We had to learn how to date each other. But it finally smoothed out and we've been together ever since! I like to say we're hardcore best friends.

Our wedding was very important to our familes, I'm an only child and George was the only one of his siblings to have a formal wedding. So from the start everyone was very excited to celebrate. For me, the most special part was to have my father still here with us. My father has defied the odds with a terminal illness for the past 4 years and he always told me he was holding on for my wedding day. It was truly a blessing, a lesson in strength for us all. My father wore sunglasses practically all night, he couldn't stop crying! He literally cried at home, on the drive over, in his room, walking me down the aisle and through out the reception. 

Both George and I are bi-cultural, artists and huge animal lovers, those facts really shaped us as people and probably is a major factor in how similar we are. We tried to have fun with representing both of our cultural backgrounds, it was a mix of Polish, Mexican and African American roots. At first I was nervous about how this would work out (would we offend one side or the other?), but in the end it didn't matter because whatever we made of it was beautiful. We even threw in an "American" aspect of spiking footballs after the ceremony, just for fun! Here is a list of the cool things we did:

1. A hand binding ceremony, jumped the broom and then spiked footballs after that.

2. We had our family stuffed armadillo (who is like a forever pet that's seen every birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Communion, graduation, you name it!) greet our guests on the place card table.

3. We did a presentiation of a funny hat given by the best man to the groom, so that he may keep our marriage light and happy. While I recieved a necklace of baby animals from the maid of honor, as a symbol of taking care of our home.

4. At the reception we did the money dance, and instead of a bouquet toss, we used the footballs.

5. And our cake topper was an homage to our two cats who passed away right after we got engaged. They really brought us together, we felt like a true family with them in our life and we credit them for helping us fall in love. They were also both boys, which is why they are wearing top hats.

With florals inspired by the fields of Poland and the best tres leche cake we know! It was seriously a mash up!

This article is dedicated to Denise's father, Isidro Escobar Adan,  a loving man who always wore a smile.

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