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Planning a Holiday Wedding? We've got tips for that, too!

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Planning a 2016 Holiday Wedding? Our friend Amanda Morris of C1 Revolution went on WGN to give Chicago inspiration for planning the perfect holiday event. Steal some of these fab tips to keep for your planning!


The season brings good tidings, packed schedules, and lots of food and drinks. If you're planning a party, how do you prep so that you can actually enjoy your event? And what elements will create party perfection to set yours apart from the rest?

From taking care of others, these fuss-free, party entertainment tips are sure to put you in ‘the spirit of the season!’ Here are simple tips to turn your party planning from holiday chaos to holiday magic!

'Good For You Cocktails'

More people are being conscious of what they’re putting in their bodies. To minimize the negative effects of alcohol, a trend that you’re going to see is cocktails made with “good for you" components that use ingredients like teas, chai powders, organic syrups and no artificial sweeteners, like Thatcher’s organic liqueur.

This is much needed during the holiday season, as people are party hopping and often consuming sugary punches and other cocktail concoctions. These are the solutions to drinking (in moderation) without the guilt.

Don’t worry though, good for you doesn’t mean more work to prepare. You can create a large batch before the party begins and pour in a drink dispenser right before start time.

Femme Du Coupe, a Chicago-based bar styling company, offers their own all-natural, curated cocktail syrup, Le Sirop. And they provided us an easy-to-make recipe for a spiced apple cider.
1 bottle of Rittenhouse rye (available at Binnys)
1 bottle of le Sirop ginger zest
1 and a 1/2 cups fresh lemons juice (available at Mariano's)
1 and a 1/2 cups of Apple cider. For a less boozy and more apple flavored punch add more cider.
Guilt-free cocktails - it’s okay have a few, they’re good for you.

Holiday Appetizers

You can still make your appetizers look elegant while helping eliminate prep time and cleanup. Take a simple classic like mini pigs in a blanket and present on top of parsley as a Christmas wreath. By focusing on bite sized food it will eliminate both food and paper waste, resulting in easy clean-up.

Incorporating Family History

The holidays are a time for traditions and fond memories of the past. As part of your tablescape or throughout the party, showcase photos from Christmas' past and nostalgic vintage pieces. Whether a sit-down or cocktail reception party, memories brought back from these images and items are great conversation pieces.

Ready to create a new tradition? Each year have guest’s placecards or favors be customized ornaments with each individual's name and year on them. Guests will have these to collect for their own tree years to come. This is something the host can prep beforehand and it adds such a personal touch.

Socially Conscious Floral Arrangements

Who doesn’t love a fresh floral arrangement, but you’re not alone if you feel guilty throwing them out a few days later.

Flowers for Dreams is a Chicago-based floral company that helps your conscience, too. They provide locally sourced floral arrangements for the same price or better than other professional florists. Plus, each arrangement benefits a local charity.

Enjoy your flowers a little longer by knowing that after the holiday season is done your dollars will support a great cause.

A Twist On The Traditional

“Hot Cocoa Bar - Stir.Sip.Savor”
By the time guests have reached your event they probably have participated in a week's worth of holiday gatherings and had their fair share of the classics.

Give them a twist on the traditional with a hot cocoa bar station. Include items like custom marshmallows and dipping spoons. Based out of Indiana, 240Sweet offers artisan marshmallows in a variety of flavors including bourbon brown sugar, birthday cake and snickerlicious to name a few.

Dipping spoons will have guests thinking these were created by your own personal cocoa barista but in reality they take less than 15 minutes to make and can be created days before. Simply:
  1. Start with finer silver spoons or for easy clean-up purchase silver plastic spoons.
  2. Melt your desired chocolate flavor. Note: make sure you don’t overcook your chocolate. If it’s too hot it won’t dry fast enough for toppings to be held in place.
  3. Dip the spoon so that it’s covered halfway with chocolate.
  4. Sprinkle desired toppings (i.e. crushed candy canes, oreo cookies, health bites, etc.)
  5. Place on cookie rack covered with parchment paper and let dry.
  6. Display upright in a mint julip or other fancy cup for guests to take their pick on the showcased spoons.

Party Entertainment

“Cookie Decorating Station - Frost, Sprinkle, Wrap ‘Em Up For Kris Kringle”
Often the little ones go under the holiday party entertainment radar but here is a chance to make them feel like VIP guests while being ready for Santa’s visit.

Create a cookie decorating station. As soon as you read this you probably had flashbacks to an absolute mess of crumbs and loose sprinkles. Good news, there is a solution to this:
  1. Take a mini cupcake tin and fill your assorted toppings and sprinkles into each individual cupcake holder. It keeps everything in place as the kiddies create cookie masterpieces. 
  2. Once complete have mini cookie tins layered with parchment paper for them to wrap up their cookies and bring home for Santa -- while you wrap up another successful holiday party season!

Thanks so much for Amanda Morris and the team at C1 Revolution! To see the clip from WGN, click here: WGN - Event planning tips and ideas for the holidays

Photos courtesy of C1 Revolution

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