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Getting Married Next New Year's? Tips for Planning on a Budget!

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Planning a 2016 New Year's Wedding? Our friend Amanda Morris of C1 Revolution went on FOX 32 to give viewers the scoop on how to plan the perfect New Year's soiree! Steal some of these fab tips to keep for your planning! 


New Year’s is all about going big, bling and new resolutions. You can prep the new year right by hosting the most ultimate and memorable party without breaking the bank. Whether you have all your planning complete and are looking for just that extra pop, or you procrastinated and haven’t started a thing, we have you covered! Check out these super chic, budget friendly projects that will have you wishing the countdown could last a little longer. The best part, each project takes about 30 minutes to complete so pick one or grab your friends and knock them all out.

Hangover Hurdle Station

From the moment your guests walk into your party you want to begin prepping them for a positive New Year’s Day. You could begin by requesting that they all drink in moderation alternating between the cocktail and H20 but we know this realistically doesn’t always happen on New Year’s Eve.

Instead start them off with hearty, stomach-coating snacks. People assume that hearty means heavy, big portions and fried. Instead serve an assortment of bite sized budget friendly appetizers. Even the simplest bite can be dressed up when placed on a fancy serving tray or stand and will make fewer items appear like more. Hearty can mean healthy, too. Choose an option like caprese salad shooters with drizzled olive oil. Olive oil is a healthy fat that still will coat your guests' stomachs.

Set up a hydration station with a little bit of antidote advising. Include mini water bottles and take it up a budget friendly notch by creating custom bottle labels that are super easy to make on your home computer and printer. Free templates can be found with one click on Google. Provide a healthy approach by showcasing supplements and drink powders to mix that are rich in antioxidants and will keep you guests' electrolytes balanced. Not in the mood to be mixing? Include a bottle of coconut water that is naturally full of electrolytes.

With these tips you guests will be having an endless happy hour!

Double Duty Décor

From assigned table seating arrangements to cocktail reception displays, make your decor work for you and your wallet. Utilize centerpiece decor that can double as party favors later including hats, horns, noisemakers and more. Make decor items easy accessible so your guests will be ready as the countdown to midnight begins.

New Year’s color schemes are similar to that of many holidays, including Christmas. You can often find holiday items on clearance that will work into your New Year’s theme design.

Bubbly Bar

This station can be the focal point of your party, making it look an over-the-top fete, for a lot less.

Switch up the traditional brut champagne and create a bubbly bar experience for you guests. Choose an assortment of sparkling wine flavors. Cooper’s Hawk Winery is great as they have over six flavors of sparkling wine to choose from. Fill champagne glasses with an assortment of garnishments from bubbly classics like strawberries and sugar cubes to a twist with fresh mint leaves.

Now here is the ‘wow’ factor:

  1. Pick your favorite glitter colors, pick a solo color or blend to make your custom mix - even go ombré and fill in a large bowl. You want to make sure you have a blend of fine glitter and larger ‘disco’ glitter. This will blend and adhere best when mixed together.

  1. Take your wine bottles. Wrap painter’s tape around the base of where the foil ends and apply tape on the bottom of the bottle with the flavor or wine.
  2. Take an adhesive spray (3M Super 77 is a sure success) and hold the handle of your wine lowered inside a cardboard box. Provide an even spray over the bottle or spray in portions if you prefer.
  3. Bring your bottle over the bowl of glitter. Scoop and sprinkle glitter with your hand over the bottle until it’s coated with sparkles.
  4. Repeat once more and place on parchment paper to dry. Make sure you remove the painters tape at this time or it will stick and tear later.

    *All of this takes less than 5 minutes per bottle!
  5. Once dry spray a clear finish on to hold the glitter in place and really make them shine (Krylon Low Odor Clear Shiny Finish is your best bet, others can leave a yellowish tint). Let dry.
  6. Add tags with the flavors listed and tie with ribbon to hang around the bottles.

Want to really impress? Take split sparkling wine bottles and glitterfy. Tie paper straws with a personalized message and an event hashtag and serve up as favors for guests to walk and talk with during the event or take home as keepsakes to remember the best party ever!

Thanks so much for Amanda Morris and the team at C1 Revolution for all these fab tips on throwing the perfect New Year's event! Visit their website for more amazing event ideas!

Photos courtesy of C1 Revolution

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