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We'd like to congratulate Real ChicagoStyle Bride Jessica Greene, the winner of our Diamond Earring Contest!

Congrats to Jessica and her fiancé, Mitch! Read their story below!

Mitch and I met at a local bar on $2 draft night. However I did not actually meet him that evening. My close friend stopped by a table to say hello to someone. Mitch just happened to be sitting there, too.

I was oblivious to Mitch’s interest in me, and once my friend’s conversation ended we went back to our table. For a good part of the night Mitch continued to bug his friend to introduce us, but he did not. Persistent, Mitch continued to prompt his friend for more information about me. 

A few weeks later, I received a Facebook message from Mitch, introducing himself. We messaged and sent texts back and forth for a couple weeks. He was in Iowa studying for his doctorate in Chiropractic and I was taking a pre-requisite course for my graduate studies at Purdue. We bonded over similar taste in music, TV shows and finding out that he lived 3 minutes from my aunt! 

For our first date, we went to a local summer fest, had dinner, people watched, and talked until 3:00 in the morning! It’s not every day that you get to see the city-sweepers and not even realize how late it was! A week later I took a trip to Iowa to visit Mitch, and we decided to make it official and begin a long distance relationship from Iowa to Indiana.

Long story short, after countless drives between states, weekly Skype dates, hundreds of graduate school exams and practicum hours, learning that Mitch retro-flexes his /r/’s (I’m a speech therapist and found this fascinating), him learning that I have a knack for baking fun cookies and cakes (as I would always visit with some sort of baked good); we realized that we shared a passion for craft beers (especially Three Floyds Brewery beers). While visiting local establishments across states, and sharing countless memories, we could not wait to create more once we were finally living in the same state after graduation!

I graduated with my Masters in Speech Language Pathology on 8/9/14, which was our 2 year anniversary. I was secretly hoping for an engagement ring. Mitch had other ideas. He graduated a few months later in October, which was sweetest day weekend. It was such a fun weekend getting to celebrate all of his accomplishments. 

We took our time driving home; I had planned to surprise him with his graduation presents and a fun “skeleton theme” cake. (Bones, chiropractor, Halloween -- I couldn’t resist). Mitch opened his graduation gifts from me, and then gave me mine. 

I opened up a nicely wrapped long rectangle box to find a pair of Vans shoes that I had been wanting! Like most shoe boxes one shoe is exposed and the other is sometimes covered with tissue paper to separate them. Well, with that prior knowledge I closed the box and began to put it on the floor when my dad chimed in to make sure the other shoe was in the box. I re-opened the box, moved the tissue paper to find a gorgeous oval engagement ring nestled neatly in a custom pint glass that read “Will You Marry Me?” Mitch got down on one knee, and said, “So, I was wondering if you’d like to marry me.” Of course I said yes! To celebrate, we had a Three Floyds “Gumball Head” in our pint glasses.

We will be having a fall wedding on October 8, 2016. Out theme is “Love is Brew-ing” and we are hoping to incorporate our love for fun, new craft brews into the wedding décor and drink menu! 

We have both been so busy beginning our careers, planning a wedding, and saving up for all the next steps we are going to take together as husband and wife. Thank you so much ChicagoStyle Weddings for giving me something “new” to wear on my wedding day! I am sure the diamond earrings will bring us the best of luck!

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