Friday, December 12, 2014

Wedding Invitations: Design Ideas to Consider

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You finally have that engagement ring on your pretty little finger. The date has been set and excitement is in the air. You're probably giddy at the idea of getting to choose every single detail about your big day. Take a breath and savor the feeling, then get busy with the planning!

The first impression of your wedding will be your save-the-date cards and invitations, so it’s important to spend extra time to ensure they're memorable. Here are some things to consider when picking out invitations, and a few ideas to incorporate your own personal touches into the overall design.

First Impressions
You’re not boring, so your invitations shouldn’t be either.

When thinking about your wedding invitations, consider aesthetics seriously. What will someone think when they open the envelope for the first time? Use the colors you've chosen for your wedding, and don't be afraid to add in an additional splash of color as well. Your wedding colors are lavender and mint? Try adorning your invitations in gold or cream for a nice, subtle offset.

Recipients will enjoy feeling the weight of a heavy, well-constructed paper and some sophisticated adornments or embossed text. Educate yourself on the topic of paper weights. Are you having a beach wedding? Find paper-thin beach wood and line the top edge of your invitation with a delicate sliver. Is your wedding planned for spring? Never underestimate the power of flowers. You can use silk rose petals, like the ones from Jane Seymour’s Silk Botanicals by FTD collection, to create a beautiful pattern down one side of the invitation.

The key is to keep it understated. A few delicately placed gems can make an invitation stand out, while an overly bedazzled invitation can look tacky. Keep an eye out for unique elements like feathers, doilies cut in a classic pattern or a strip of lace. Use your judgment and remember that less is more with added embellishments.

Don’t Disregard the Details
If your invitation is your dress, then the envelope is your hairstyle, makeup and jewelry. It’s easy to think of your invitation as the main event, but you’re missing the dazzling supporting cast if you stop there. Yes, the invitation tells the essentials about your ceremony and reception, but there’s a prime opportunity to add extra zest with the envelope. After all, what will guests see first? That’s right — the outer packaging.

Consider a tasteful ribbon wrapped around your envelope, or a rolling stamp design that you can run around the edges of the envelope to add classy elegance. If you’ve mastered the art of calligraphy, think about putting that talent to good use, or find a friend or professional who has! Delicately written names and addresses will go a long way in making your guests feel special and making your invitations rise above the rest. Consider a variety of materials for the envelope — canvas, vinyl and sheer textiles are all options.

Ensure the invitations (and envelopes) are consistent with your wedding’s season, colors and theme, and also be sure all align with your own personal style. Don't be afraid to have an in-depth dialogue with your stationer about the design preferences. If you focus on making this first impression a true reflection of you and your love, the end result won’t be anything but a perfect combination.

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