Friday, December 19, 2014

Photographing the Dream Outdoor Wedding

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Outdoor weddings are a huge trend for spring and summer, but there are some truly important details to consider when planning -- especially when it comes to photography. Our friend and wedding photography pro Will Knight of Will Knight Photography gives us the details on what to expect from your photographer at an outdoor wedding.

Like a Fairy Tale
Many couples dream of getting married on the beach, their toes curling in the sand and the ocean lapping gently at the shore as they say their vows. As Will comments:
“Outdoor weddings are something akin to a fairy tale. The idea of getting married outside in the sunshine is one that will always be popular and it is a privilege to be able to share this dream scenario with the happy couple by photographing their big day.”

Lighting is Key
While the perfect temperature is not guaranteed, a great photographer will know what to do in any weather. Setting up equipment to suit the light for a particular location is important, and being able to manipulate it through rain or shine...well, that's why you hire a pro. Will Knight explains:
“Lighting is key and requires particular attention for an outdoor event, where it will change throughout the day. A professional wedding photographer will ensure that he or she achieves fantastic pictures throughout the day, providing the couple with a photographic record to treasure for years to come.”

Details, Details
As with all event photography, it's the little details that produce some of the best photographs. A great photographer will ensure all these details are captured. Will concludes: 

"A close up shot of table decorations, a natural image of a groomsman helping to make your guests comfortable or a stolen moment of a page boy digging into the sand with his smart wedding shoes when he thinks nobody is looking – these are the images that will tell the true story of the day, alongside the traditional shots of the bride and groom, of course.  
“Every couple wants to have fantastic images of as many moments of the day as possible. The father giving his daughter away, the exchanging of the rings, the first kiss as a married couple – those are essential. But it’s also important to capture the moments that the bride and groom may not have the time to appreciate in the whirlwind of the day, like the way that the fabric chair decorations blow in the breeze, or close-up shots of the flowers. With wedding photography, every little detail is important.”

Thanks to Will Knight, a specialist wedding and events photographer based in Chicago. For more information on his services, call Will Knight Photography at 312.961.6067, email or visit

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Thanks for these Jasiminne! They're really great photos for wedding outdoor - will definitely be using them when I play with my new camera, yayy!
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