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How to Stay Organized While Planning a Wedding

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Are you planning your very own wedding or assisting a friend or loved one? It's an exciting time and many couples dream of all their hard work paying off on the big day. But how do you make the big wedding day classy and memorable? One word: Organization.

Being organized can help you manage the big day with ease while sticking to your budget as much as possible. The key is to not make organization feel like a chore. When you stay organized, you can add the hottest wedding trends to your big day, and still stack up the savings.

It’s okay to day-dream about your big day, but you cannot forget to get down to business. Below are great ways you can stay organized:

1. Use a notebook or iPad.  It is important to keep a log of everything you want and need. Then be sure to compare it with your reality. You should make a log for the following wedding categories:
  • Shop for gowns
  • Shop for tuxedos
  • Buy wedding accessories
  • Find jewelry
  • Create wedding invitations
  • Identify best wedding vendors
  • Plan the honeymoon

2. Estimate your budget.  You can do this by asking yourself the following questions:
  • What is the number of guests?
  • Out of these guests whom are most likely going to be your attendants?
  • How much will bride and groom attire cost?
  • How much will hair and make up cost?
  • What about food, cake, beverages and bartenders?
  • How much will the reception venue and rentals cost?
  • What kind of photography or videography packages fit best with your day?
  • How much do we tip our vendors?
  • What other costs could pop up?
Definitely make estimation of cost a top priority, because it can help you determine whether you really need that ten-foot champagne fountain or if you can dedicate some of those funds to something else instead -- like feeding your guests.

To simplify things, here is a handy dandy Tipping Guide and Sample Wedding Budget from page 187 of CSW magazine!

3. Pick and save the date.  More importantly, make the date known to your guests way in advance. Call, email, message, carrier pigeon...whatever it takes. Make sure to let your families and your attendants know as soon as possible -- even before the Save the Dates go out. Feel free to put the date on your social media pages, but just remember that probably not everyone on your "Friends" list will be invited. Be kind to others' feelings and prepare for the random guy from high school asking, "Where's my invite?"

4. Create your dream registry.  Decide where you want your wedding registry. Yes, you can choose more than one. Not only will you help your guests brainstorm gift ideas, but you will also cut down your chances of having unwanted wedding gifts. Send information about your wedding registry with the invitations or put it on a wedding website!

5. Make a sketch of your dreams. You can make stick figures if you must, but start thinking about what your perfect dress, cake, bridal gowns and flower arrangements look like! Think of scenery as well! It's helpful to have an outline as you plan, but he prepared for this to change during the journey.

Breathe! Everything will be okay! We do not need bridezilla moments to happen! To stay fierce is to stay classy! Take a break once in a while. Get some fresh air!  Exciting things await!

What methods are you using to stay organized as you plan? Sound off in the comments!

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