Friday, December 12, 2014

How to Pick the Perfect Veil

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Saying “yes” to your dress, is both an emotional and exciting event. If the selection process leaves you too exhausted to choose your veil and accessories, ask your consultant to schedule a separate one-on-one appointment to finalize your look as soon as possible.

Veils, tiaras and most headpieces are not readily available and must be special ordered like a gown. Generally, delivery time averages up to five months, depending on the manufacturer, so it is best to order early to avoid rush fees.

Veils are usually available in a variety of colors to closely match the color of your gown including White, Diamond White, Ivory, Champagne, Light Gold, and Blush. Many gown designers also have veils specifically made to enhance their dresses. It is common for wedding dresses to have several colors, appear both dark and light and be varied due to beading. So, if you are in doubt about a veil color, the lighter hue is often the best choice. Remember to ask your consultant for professional recommendations and she will be happy to assist!

When choosing a veil, the length is an important consideration. If you desire a chic, sophisticated look, then short birdcages, face veils and French nets may be of interest.

Brides preferring a traditional veil will find a variety of lengths beginning with elbow (32 inches), shoulder (30 inches), fingertip (38 inches), knee (48 inches), waltz (55 inches) floor (68-72 inches) and cathedral veils (108 inches).

Traditional veil styles typically include an option for a second tier to cover the face as the bride walks down the aisle, which is known as a blusher. The length of the second tier can often be customized by your seamstress.

The options for your complete look are endless! If you were unable to finalize your accessories when you initially found your gown, then make a follow-up appointment soon with your consultant.

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Photos courtesy of Bel Aire Bridal and Kathryn's Bridal

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