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How to Add Something Blue and Fabulous to your Wedding Attire

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Image by Aves Photography

When a bride looks in the eyes of the one she loves, she wants to feel alive. She wants that moment to last forever. One of the best ways for a bride to cherish her special day is to create the wonderful memories that come with acknowledging tradition while embracing the future. You can have the best of both worlds by finding creative ways to add something blue to your wedding attire.

The wedding tradition that brides should wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue for good luck is a beautiful concept, and a great way to recall the special day for a lifetime.

How do you add something blue to your wedding attire? You can keep it simple with a blue garter, borrowed jewelry and a new, lovely wedding dress. Or you get really creative and stylish with your something blue like Photographer Kimiko Yoshida’s exhibit "Something Blue” which explores the institution of marriage traditions while embracing change.

Where did these traditions start? The wedding tradition has been around since at least 1883, when they first appeared in print.

The something old reflects on appreciation for family. Something new is looking forward to a new life with your partner. Something borrowed is symbolic of borrowing happiness from a happy couple. We think you should always borrow something from a happy couple! As for something blue, it is all about purity, love and fidelity. The sixpence in her shoe is a reference to a British coin worth six pennies between 1551 and 1967. The coin signified prosperity and wealth.

The "something blue" part of the tradition is the easiest (and most fun) part of the rhyme to turn into something creative!

Here are ways brides can add something blue to their wedding attire:
  1. Wear a blue wedding gown! There are so many blue gowns available for brides these days -- it's a huge trend! If you do not want a full-out blue gown, consider adding blue rhinestones, embroidery or beads to your wedding dress. You can buy one-of-a-kind-wedding gowns from Chicago bridal gown designers like Mignonette Bridal (get your wedding date sewn into your bridal gown’s lining) and Silver Moon (find gorgeous vintage bridal gowns here).
  2. Wear blue nail polish. The right nail polish will complete your wedding day look. You can paint your toe nails blue or your finger nails. Consider a blue and black french manicure, opt for blue nails with a glittery french tip or use Thakoon for NARS Kutki nail polish for that perfect something blue.
  3. Get intimate! Wear blue lingerie for that special night as a lucky charm for the start of a new life together. You can find a great lingerie choices at The Giving Bride, a Chicago lingerie shop!
  4. Wear statement jewelry like deep royal blue earrings or a sapphire necklace. Or try a sky blue for something more playful!
  5.  Don’t forget your blue shoes! Try large stores like DSW for a large selection or smaller boutiques like The Left Bank Jewelry and Bridal Finery for more customization. 

Leave a comment below about your best something blue ideas! We would love to hear from you!

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