Friday, November 7, 2014

5 Ways to Have the Quintessential Chicago Wedding

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Being on the 95th floor of the most iconic building in Chicago makes for one of the best places to work and plan weddings. At our location, I would say one of the most prominent wedding themes is “Chicago.” Here are the top five ways to have the most quintessential Chicago wedding.

1. Location – I tell all my brides and grooms, “Once you settle on the venue, it’s all easy planning from there.” And there is no easier way to pull off a Chicago-themed wedding than hosting your reception in an iconic Chicago location! Your out of town guests, and even the locals, will appreciate your unique venue location and your theme will flow easily into each little detail you plan. The Signature Room at the 95th, one of our world class museums, a historic hotel, or a boat out on Lake Michigan are some of the best iconic locations in the city.

2. Menu – When most people think about the Midwest, they think of beef, beef, and more beef. From the cocktail reception to the late night snacks you can’t pick a better city to revolve your menu around than Chicago. Our most popular passed hors d’oeuvres for Chicago-themed weddings are mini Italian beef sandwiches paired with the bride and groom’s choice of signature cocktail. Give your cocktails fun Chicago names, like “The Al Capone” or “The Second City.” The entrée that all couples lean towards is our 10 ounce filet paired with whipped potatoes and wilted greens. After dinner and dancing your guests will be ready for some late night snacks. We like to order deep dish pizza for the guests to enjoy or have made-to-order Chicago hot dogs with all the fixings!

3. Décor & Playlist – Here at The Signature Room, with the entire city as our backdrop, we allow the historic buildings and skyline to do all the work. With the twinkling lights and the summer firework shows, the need for additional décor is very minimal. Let your theme go throughout the entire evening by naming the tables after your favorite landmarks in the city or the neighborhoods you like to frequent. Your guests will appreciate being seated at “Marshall Field's” much more than "Table 2." Use your favorite Chicago coffee table book as your guest book, you’ll be able to flip through the page for years to come and see your favorite city sights alongside sentiments from your family and friends. And what’s more Chicago than Blues? Have your DJ play classic Chicago Blues during the cocktail hour or bring in a jazz trio for that true Chicago feel. One of my favorite parties included a Frank Sinatra impersonator; the guests were taken right back to Chicago in the ‘60s.

4. Transportation – There is nothing more “Chicago” than getting your wedding party and guests to your location by trolley or, in the warmer months, a Chicago River Water Taxi! If you have time between your ceremony and reception you can treat your guests to a guided tour around the city before dropping them off at your reception.

Photo by Emilia Jane

5. Favors – Give your guests something you love from the city to take away from your wedding. Garrett’s popcorn and Frango mints are our bride’s go-to Chicago favors. Beer-loving couples often send their guests home with six packs of their favorite selection from Revolution Brewing.

Photo by Emilia Jane

With a city like ours, it’s hard not to plan a wedding that your friends and family will be raving about for years to come! Happy planning in our Sweet Home, Chicago!

Thank you so much to our friends at The Signature Room at the 95th! We absolutely LOVE Chicago wedding ideas (duh). :]

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