Friday, October 10, 2014

Unconventional Registry Ideas for Your Modern Wedding

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An estimated $19 billion in gifts were purchased from wedding registries, states a study conducted by the University of Notre Dame. This puts the wedding registry business only second to Christmas in terms of gift purchases. With friends, family and wedding guests ready and willing to spend, the wedding registry is a powerful tool. As the number of couples who co-habitat before marriage has increased 900 percent since the 1960s, many simply don't need new towels, pots and pans and other household goods. Instead, couples can register for truly unique, fun and completely useful items for their home and new life together.

The entire idea of a registry is usually to help fill your home with linens, kitchen supplies and household goods. Now, you can go far beyond these household items to actually funding your home. Whether you’re already in a home struggling to keep up with your mortgage or planning for a down payment, a mortgage registry can help send cash your way. Sites like HatchMyHouse and help set up a registry that your friends and family can contribute to. Once you move into your new home, invite friends and family over for a mortgage party, and let them see how their generosity helped fund your dreams.

Now that you have your new home, register for the tools to help renovate it. Register for power drills, saws, ladders and anything else you need for your repairs and home renovations. Take photos and videos of the process, and start a blog to show off how your wedding guests impacted your new home.

A modern and fun gift is a smartphone, tablet or other electronic device. You can use these devices on your honeymoon to stay in touch, take photos, play games and organize your new life. Pull up a recipe for your dinner party, check Facebook and pay your bills, you can do anything you want on these fun devices. Load it up with all your favorite music for an evening with friends and family to celebrate your new marital status.
Treat yourself to the vacation of your dreams with a funded honeymoon. Use a site like HoneymoonWishes to select your destination and register for activities from tours to room upgrades. Not sure what you want to do on your honeymoon just yet? A platform like Crowded Wedding lets you crowdfund your honeymoon. Give your guests an idea of where you’re going and what you’re planning, and let them contribute to your romantic getaway.
Favorite Charity
Got everything you need and just want to give back? Turn your wedding into a reason to celebrate your charitable side. The I Do Foundation turns your big day into a philanthropic registry by letting you choose charities that are meaningful to you and your partner. Not only does your wedding help give back but it turns the culture of the bridal industry on its head by focusing on those in need.
Create your wedding registry through a museum store like the Modern Museum of Art (MoMA) in Manhattan. Register for gifts that best blend you and your partner's signature style. Look for a Matisse panel with mask framed prints, a Wesco Grandy bread box or a colorful Spectrum Clock. Not only do you get fantastic artwork but your registry helps support museums you love.

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