Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Lucky" Stationery Trends for 2015

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We've done a great deal of research on the upcoming color trends for 2015 and are so excited by what we are seeing. Normal color tones are being replaced with soft, subtle, romantic hues. Think of pale pastels mixed with nudes and golds. And quite opposite - a fun trend for 2015 is using two very bold, bright colors together. Eye popping watermelon pink and kelly green, turquoise and lime green or orange and fuchsia!

A trend that we have seen increasing throughout this year is couples wanting traditional invitations with a modern twist. Imagine tissue paper with a custom crest to overlay the invitation, or used as an invitation wrap and tied with twine. We have also seen an increase in requests for wax seals, but with a custom design or a unique shape. Letterpress printing continues to be hot for us - and makes such a timeless, elegant statement for your wedding.

We see these trends continuing into 2015, along with unique embellishments to add a bit more glam.

Thanks so much to Laura and our friends at Lucky Invitations for the excellent stationery trends. Some great inspiration here! To learn more about Lucky Invitations, visit their website or email 

What are your favorite color trends for 2015? Let us know in the comments!

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