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Four Ways to Create Wedding Flowers with Wow Factor: Wedding Floral Trends and Tips

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Weddings have become practically synonymous with spectacular floral design. We here at David Austin Roses, the premier breeder of luxury cut garden roses, would like to provide some insight into wedding and floral trends with tips on how to apply them for your upcoming nuptials.

Trend #1: No longer an afterthought: Large, bold boutonnieres harmonious with overall floral décor theme

Boutonnieres have long been thought of as simple, quick accessories to pin on grooms’ lapels, or as gifts for honored guests at wedding ceremonies to make them feel special and beloved. But, today’s wedding floral designers are adding extra appeal and creating boutonnieres with more panache. The trend is moving in the direction of making boutonnieres larger, statement accompaniments- giving them thematic purpose that complements the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and the overall floral theme and style.

For important guests and family members, such as the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, boutonnières are becoming increasingly popular. This particular boutonnière (above) is made of the old-gold and rose pink Edith variety wedding rose with accents of galax, pittosporum, yellow freesia, and wheat. The combination of Edith’s strong fruity scent and the wistful wheat makes for a wonderful, earthy combination for an outdoor garden wedding.

Another boutonniere trend becoming more prominent for weddings is the “harmonized look.” This means everything – from the bride’s bouquet and floral hairpiece to the groom’s boutonnière as well as the reception décor and cake design – features a synergistic theme, creating a distinct corresponding wedding style. Our Charity variety has a soft-pink and cream hue that easily yields unity of style for classic weddings with varied shades of pink, displaying both traditional elegance and charm. This groom’s boutonniere is highlighted with buds of larkspur and stephanotis for added visual appeal.

Trend #2: Kids will be kids: Casual yet charming ensembles with matching floral arrangements for the youngest bridal party members

Weddings in times gone by involved children dressed in the most formal garb, which was quite lovely in its day. Though, many brides and renowned wedding planners now are opting for a more relaxed style for very young floral attendants. Allowing children to be their charismatic selves means no longer forcing them into unyielding clothing and over-rehearsed performances, and the accompaniment of adorably arranged roses and flowers creates a sense of endearing pleasure.

The handsome, comfortable ring bearer in the (above) photo is dressed in khaki overalls and a white collared shirt, while carrying the bride’s and groom’s rings atop a round, wooden box made of Birch accentuated with peach Juliet wedding roses. He is styled according to the popular slightly bohemian or bucolic wedding theme, and is casual enough to enjoy his role in the ceremony. The box’s white lace and satin ribbon hold the roses in place and echo the natural surroundings of the event.

Another way this off-the-cuff kids’ styling is becoming a trend-setter is by way of casual floral crowns created with roses in plentiful fashion. We are seeing more full-bodied floral crowns in bridal parties, especially for flower girls at weddings. For junior bridesmaids, we suggest using a large floral head wreath with fully open blooms for an unflinching, romantic look. This young bridesmaid is crowned with a beautiful headpiece of buttery yellow Beatrice cupped rosettes; the 83 ruffled petals on each rose provided an eye-catching reminiscence of sun at her sister’s bayside wedding ceremony.

If you have children below the walking age in your wedding, create a cute, delightful method for getting them down the aisle, while integrating your flower theme at the same time. This nature-inspired wedding commenced with a baby flower girl being pulled in a wagon decorated with light tea-scented, peach Juliet roses- which were arranged as a circular end-piece and draped with peach ribbons to dress the wagon. The young flower girl was adorned with a whimsical hair ring of loosely tied, small green foliage, appropriate for her size and age.

Trend #3: Color classic with a twist: Several shades of pink yield feminine, yet comfortable wedding atmosphere

This classic color has come a long way since Shelby’s “blush and bashful” wedding in Steel Magnolias. Today, brides and grooms are embracing pink, along with varying and balancing tones, to create weddings that are playful, engaging and romantic for themselves and guests alike.

The trend made itself known in this countryside wedding punctuated with soft pinks, peach colors and coordinating cream shades, achieved mostly through carefully planned floral décor. With over 1,200 rose stems, the wedding exuded relaxed glamour and unpretentious beauty. At the altar, a bed of Juliet peach roses created a sea of pink hues. Above it, a statement floral arrangement featured buttercream Patience roses filling a rustic display of monogram letters spelling “LOVE,” a true sentiment to the spirit of the day.

The bride and bridal parties’ lush, blushing-pink bouquets were an enchanting mix of soft pink Charity variety roses, peach Juliet wedding roses, and Patience garden roses, with red and yellow hypericum berries and small-petaled pink floral accents for added dimension and texture. The combination of flowers as seen in this beautiful bride’s perfect pink and white bouquet (above) added to the light-hearted, fun aura of her country dream wedding.

This relaxed and rustic wedding venue and foundationally pink floral décor not only created the perfect visual setting, but the mixture of Patience’s old rose-myrrh fragrance, Juliet’s light tea aroma, and Charity’s strong rose scent also provided an added euphoric effect for guests. Wedding flowers with fragrance undoubtedly are trending across the country.

Trend #4: Bright, white weddings: sophistication and simplicity brought to life with snowy-white roses interspersed with silver and blue ornamentation

As an alternative to the radiant pink wedding, the traditional, serene palette of white and cream is growing in favor among brides and their floral designers. These traits are captured and personified in this chic, fairytale wedding, featuring white and buttercream roses with a backdrop of blue and silver.

A breathtaking example of the characteristic white trend is shown in this garden gazebo where a wedding was transformed into a fantastical floral oasis with over 1,000 buttercream-color Patience roses, white peonies, white hydrangea, Queen Anne's Lace, scabiosa pods, and lily grass for an elegant yet bold style. The aisle was lined with a simple white runner leading to a gleaming altar displayed with white candle chandeliers and billowing floral-inspired curtains.

White being one of her favorite colors, oversized white and cream blooms were a must-have for the bride of this wedding. For her bridal bouquet and her bridesmaids’ bouquets, numerous buttercream-color Patience variety roses were tightly mixed with white peonies in full bloom to generate an attractive, dramatic look and a heavenly scent of old rose and myrrh.

As a bright contrast to the overall white décor, the bride’s choice of turquoise and silver as sophisticated accent colors was superb. The wedding reception featured turquoise tablecloths with centerpieces ranging from short, mirrored and tall glass vases full of Patience roses, peonies and hydrangea, along with sleek candelabras holding tea lights. The tables were surrounded by metallic silver, ladder-back and bamboo-style chairs, which highlighted the tabletop accessories. The overall outcome of the color palette and floral décor created a divinely enchanted white wedding of the bride’s dreams.

Thank you so much to David J. C. Austin, managing director of David Austin Roses, for these amazing tips on how to create real wow-factor with your flowers. David Austin Roses is a family-run business and has become the world’s premier breeder of luxury wedding roses across many parts of the globe. Brides can request David Austin Roses by name with any wedding floral designer or florist. For more information, visit

Photos 1, 2 and 4: David Austin Roses / Djamel Photography
Photos 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11: J&D Farms Weddings & Photography / Hothouse Design Studios
Photos 12, 13, 14, and 15: Your Event Solutions / Simple Color

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