Wednesday, October 29, 2014

4 Unique Themes for Exceptional Engagement Photos

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With your big day on the horizon, it's time to decide on some engagement photo ideas. Every couple wants their photos to capture the essence of the love and persona of their cherished relationship. These photos are the beginning of a long and happy life together, so you want to make them as unique and as stunning as you and your betrothed are. With all the the pressures and decisions involved in planning a wedding, it's difficult to generate ideas for where to go, what to wear, and how to pose. Here are a few themed suggestions, from the classic to the quirky, that will provide a fun experience for the happy couple, as well as some unique photos to look back on affectionately in years to come:

Old Hollywood: "Gentlemen Prefer Eternal Bonds"
If you are nostalgic for more elegant days gone by, and if you enjoy the glitter an glamour of old films, an Old Hollywood-themed photo shoot would be right up your alley. An ideal locale for this concept would be a local hotel, and the older the better. Assemble the photo set to resemble an old Hollywood film set, with a director's chair, lights, and movie camera. An antique dressing table with lighted mirror would also provide for some lovely shots. Your man will need to be fitted for a classic tux, tails and all, while you sport a vintage bird cage veil.

Motorcycle: "Sons of Matrimony"
If you want a wedding photo theme with a little more leather than lace, then suit up for a wedding shoot on wheels. A great setting for your motorcycle theme would be a local mechanic shop. Imagine you and your fiancé sharing the shutter-click with a set of chrome Harleys. For a biker-themed shoot, props could include his and hers motorcycle jackets. You can add each other's names, the date of your wedding, or a personalized design to the back, creating a great opportunity for over-the-shoulder-shots.

Zombies: "The Walking Wedlock"
Think of the beautiful contrast of fake (wash-out) blood on your pristine, white wedding dress! For a zombie-themed shoot, a remote, outdoor location would provide the sense of desolate, post-apocalyptic terror, and in this case, a cloudy day would be preferred. The necessary props would be minimal, but you would definitely need quite a bit of makeup and someone who knows how to use it. You could even incorporate friends and family as flesh-crazed zombies chasing you and your love across an open field. There are endless possibilities for food props here, incorporating intestine-shaped cakes or eye-ball hors d'eourves, which would be both edible and aesthetically shocking.

Steampunk: "Neo-Victorian Nuptials"
A steampunk photo concept would combine the panache of the Victorian era with the biting fashion of punk. An outdoor venue, preferably with an antiquated brick wall, or a shabby wood barn, would be a perfect backdrop with you dressed in a corseted dress and old-style aviator goggles, and your groom wearing a striped tux with tails, monocle and top hat.

With so much to consider and to plan for the big day, don't let your engagement photos stress you out. Choose a theme that represents you and your fiancé, but one that also let's you have fun as you prepare to walk down the aisle in style.

Photo Credit: Rock N Roll Bride

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