Friday, July 11, 2014

Real Wedding: Anna Zysman and Richy Ualat

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"My husband and I met on e-Harmony. We probably would have never met otherwise because was living in the NW suburbs and I was living in Chicago at the time. The funny thing is that it turned out we both grew up in Skokie, went to the same high school and know a lot of the same people. Having so many things and friends in common made it very easy for us to talk to each other. We hit it off right away, did pretty much everything together from that point on and got engaged on Christmas Day. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift than a beautiful ring and a fiance!

"Our wedding day was exciting! The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect. A lot of people mentioned to me that I seemed very calm that day, and I guess I was. I wasn't really stressed out about anything because all the planning was done and I was just excited to put my dress on, see my fiance in his dress uniform and finally be able to start our life together.

"Because our ceremony was in the evening, we ended up doing "first look" photos in the atrium garden of our hotel and at a nearby forest preserve. I remember smiling from ear to ear when I walked up to my husband. He turned around to face me and I noticed that he was tearing up! I think that is my favorite memory of the whole day, seeing the tears in his eyes because he was so excited to see me and hearing him say how beautiful I looked.

"The most unique aspect of our wedding was the blending of so many traditions in one day. In addition to the many military aspects, we also incorporated both Catholic Filipino and Russian Jewish traditions into the ceremony, such as a Rabbi to officiate, blessing of the wine, circling each other, the unity candle, breaking of the glass at the end and my dad reading a poem in Russian covered "my side" of the wedding traditions. Family members and close friends (sponsors) presenting us with a cord, coins, and veil were the Catholic Filipino traditions. We also signed a Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) that bound us in marriage in the faith/religions sense in addition to our legal marriage certificate. Our witnesses, the Maid of Honor and Best Man, who signed the Ketubah with us were also, in a sense, non-traditional as one of them is Muslim and the other Catholic and they were signing a Jewish document." - Anna



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