Friday, July 25, 2014

Nearly Naked: The Barefoot Sandal

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Planning an outdoor wedding? Let us give you some advice - heels and soil (or sand) don't go very well together. Save yourself and your 'maids the embarrassment of a stuck situation by taking an alternate route. 

Nearly Naked is a collection of new "barefoot sandals." Founder/designer Crista Grasso has been designing handmade jewelry since she was a child and has been selling her jewelry since she was in her teens. “Jewelry is a means of self expression. It’s a reflection of the person you are today and a window into the person you will be come tomorrow,” Crista says. 

These sexy, stylish foot adornments can be worn alone or with cute, open toe shoes. So, enjoy your beach wedding "nearly naked" and then slide into your adorable pumps when the party begins at the reception. 

“Jewelry is one of the few things that can always be an expression of you and reflect who you really are. It can make you feel strong, sexy, and confident. If your jewelry doesn’t do this for you, you are wearing the wrong Jewelry.” says Crista. Visit their website to see the full collection!

What do you think of barefoot sandals? Would you be into them for your outdoor wedding or would you stick with something more traditional? 

Photos courtesy of Nearly Naked.

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