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Guest Post: What I Learned From Hours Of Wedding Research

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Working in the startup world, you are constantly learning new things. And with a company like MentorMob, a website where you can learn, enhance or master skills or hobbies for free, that learning tends to get amplified.

One of the many upcoming topics for the site launch in a few months is Wedding Planning, and we had to start from the ground up. That means networking with a community of wedding planners and wedding enthusiasts, finding and creating all the right content and finally organizing the guidebook.

This was my first glance into wedding planning, despite having attended many before. It’s a life event that is so anticipated yet can be so difficult.

These are a few things that I learned from hours and hours of wedding planning research that you should know before you start:

Sign Up For Pinterest
The wedding community here is huge and awesome. It is a great place to find inspiration and DIY ideas. Check out ethnic and original wedding ideas, but always be careful to not set your expectations too high. Many pins on Pinterest are professionally done, so look for inspiration and then make it your own.

Don’t Obsess Over Wedding Timelines
A wedding timeline is there to help guide you, but every wedding is different. Check out wedding timelines to get an idea of what yours could look like, but make your day about you and your partner. Never forget about your timeline after the wedding either, the next day and even year after matter just as much as the big day.

Find Wedding Communities
Looking to your friends and family for wedding help is a no-brainer, but people don’t realize how many wedding resources there are out there. Look for wedding twitter chats, forums, Facebook groups and bloggers. All of these places can help you find very realistic and good advice and sometimes even better prices for services. There are so many communities out there to help you, all you have to do is ask.

Don’t Fall In Love With Just One Thing (except your partner)
So many things can (and do) go wrong on the wedding day, so always have an alternative for just about everything. Have someone that is at your wedding who is not in the wedding party, most likely a close friend or relative know about plan B, so they can quickly help execute any changes that are needed throughout the day.

Enjoy It
After all the searching, planning and preparing, only YOU can make sure you ENJOY every minute. Just make sure you take things lightheartedly, because this day is not about stress, it’s about you, your partner, friends, family and love. Enjoy your time as a bride to be because it will fly by.

Wedding planning really is a special experience, and working with ChicagoStyle Weddings and many others in the wedding planning community has been a great privilege. Here at MentorMob, we hope you take our little bits of advice to heart as you get started on your special day! Best of luck!

Thank you so much to Jes and her friends at MentorMob! They are featuring our blog posts on their site as they compile the "best of the best" advice for brides and grooms planning their wedding! MentorMob is a lifestyle learning website where a community of enthusiasts find the best free learning content on the web and organize it into an interactive guidebook -- think of it as the Wikipedia of learning new skills and lifestyles. Follow MentorMob on Facebook and Pinterest to stay in the loop on new and upcoming site developments.

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