Monday, July 14, 2014

First Looks: From the Guy's Side

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To say I've learned a lot about weddings as a result of working at Rebecca Marie Photography & Design would be an understatement. I photographed quite a few weddings while working as a photojournalist in Portland, but 2014 is the first year that weddings are my sole focus. Time and again I've found that being immersed in the wedding world full-time has changed both my perspective and personal tastes on how a wedding day should go.

The "First Look", for instance, wasn't really on my radar until this year and now it is one of my absolute favorite moments of the wedding day. Initially I thought the First Look would be just another thing to coordinate into an already packed day. There are enough moving parts happening on your wedding day, why would you want to add another item to the itinerary? It only took witnessing one First Look to completely change my mind.

Standing in the kitchen waiting to take Erin out to her backyard to see John for the first time, the anticipation was palpable. I found myself more excited for the two of them to see each other than I ever thought I would. Rebecca and I had planned out where we would both be standing, and the general angles in which we would be shooting so we wouldn't get in each others way. I'd even pre-visualized a few different compositions that I wanted to try. What we couldn't have planned though, was how truly stunned each of them were to see each other. You'd think after seeing each other before the ceremony, the walk down the aisle would somehow be lessened but that definitely wasn't true!

I also learned that First Looks offer an important opportunity for our couples to have a few moments dedicated solely to one another. There are very few, if any, opportunities to take everything in during a wedding day, so I really love the fact that that is the main focus of the First Look. For Kelly & Arif, it wasn't even the first time that they had seen each other that day! As you can see above, that didn't make the moment even an ounce less special.

I've actually started to convince a few of my friends to make time for a First Look during their wedding days too! When two of my best friends asked me to photograph their wedding a couple of months ago, it was the first thing that I asked them about. They, like me before, had only the vaguest of ideas of what a First Look was. It didn't take much convincing when I started evangelizing, and I'm so glad they decided to do it.

At the end of the day, I think what really gets me at any point of a wedding are the times when the guards come down. These moments happen whether you try and plan them into the day or not, but the First Look is a time where a comfortable space can be made for this to happen (rather than when you are surrounded by a hundred guests). Can't wait until the next one!

Would you do a First Look? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you so much to Nick Fochtman! For more information about his photography or to discuss your ideas for a first look, email or call 773.614.RMPD (7673). Also be sure to visit Rebecca Marie Photography & Design  to see more of Nick's work! 

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