Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Awesome Things About Having a Hotel Wedding

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As the founder of a wedding blog dedicated to hotel weddings, it’s no wonder that I have a serious passion for these elegant affairs. And that’s not just because I spent years planning them! There are so many reasons why having a hotel wedding will make your special day less stressful and more fun, but for now lets start with 5 of my favorite reasons.

1. Convenience: From getting ready to passing out after a long day of celebrating, you can't beat the convenience of everything for your hotel wedding being under one roof. No more worrying about transportation for out-of-town guests or lag time between your ceremony and reception because it's all at your hotel! And the bonus, hotel weddings turn your whole wedding weekend into one long party and vacation rolled into one.

Photo by Gronde Photography

2. Room service: It’s one of the best parts about staying at a hotel, right? Nothing beats breakfast in bed, especially the day after your wedding! Plus, you can pre-order snacks to munch on while you’re getting ready throughout the day, all without having to leave the comfort of your room!

Photo by Meg Baisden Photography

3. Complimentary car services: Did you know that many hotels have complimentary car service? Some even have luxury cars like Porsches and Rolls Royces! So if you were planning on renting a car for the day of your wedding, check with your hotel first to see what options they can offer you free of charge.

Photo by Gronde Photography

4. The photos: Hotel weddings have some of the most gorgeous photo ops, I've ever seen. There are the beautiful ballroom shots, gorgeous suites for your getting ready photos, and some hotels may even let you on their roof for 360 degree city views. No matter your hotel, you’re bound to have plenty of elegant backdrops to grace your wedding photo album.

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5. The hotel safe: Often overlooked, a hotel safe can be a true lifesaver for your wedding day. It keeps your precious wedding day jewelry safe and secures all the valuable wedding envelopes you'll receive from friends and family. Trust us, you will not want your wedding day to be spoiled by wedding gifts gone missing!

Photo by Mioara Dragan Photography

There are so many more awesome things about hotel weddings, but we'll save those for another time. And remember that Chicago has some of the most gorgeous hotels in North America, right in your backyard! If you’re ever looking for more hotel wedding tips, tools or total inspiration, you know where to find us.

Thank you so much to Lauren Randolph for her great thoughts on why hotel weddings can be truly amazing! For more information about hosting your hotel wedding, check out! We met our friends at My Hotel Wedding through a twitter chat. Join us as we discuss all things wedding on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. Central using the hashtag #bridalbabble.

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