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4 Tips for Choosing Budget-Beautiful Wedding Flowers

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It’s official. You have the ring, the date and, of course, the greatest groom—who cannot wait to marry you.
Now it’s time to start thinking about the many details of the wedding, including the flowers. While it might feel overwhelming at times to select the blossoms you want for your bouquet, the boutonnieres, centerpieces and more, there are plenty of beautiful and meaningful choices that are both gorgeous and budget-friendly.

Here are four tips to get the wedding flowers you want:

Stay in the Season
Just like certain fruits and vegetables are less expensive during certain seasons of the year, the same holds true for flowers. Many varieties have a growing period when they are more available and cost less, notes Better Homes and Gardens. For example, if you are getting married in the spring and adore tulips, it should be no problem at all to find a diverse variety of gorgeous tulips in a rainbow of colors—all for a reasonable price. Your florist can help advise you on which flowers will be most readily available, and thus most affordable around the time of your wedding.

Select Something Simple
Like many things in life, when it comes to wedding flowers, less can definitely be more. For instance, instead of choosing 10 different colors for the various bouquets and boutonnieres, think about condensing your color palate and selecting three or four shades that you love the most. This will allow your florist to order the flowers in bulk, which can help keep the budget under control. In addition, rather than purchasing huge elaborate floral arrangements and centerpieces, go for something more simple like vases filled with lovely and inexpensive greenery accented with one or two flowers that also are part of the bouquets.

Choose Meaningful Blooms
Select your flowers based on their symbolism to give a bit more meaning to your bouquet. For example, the rose—which happens to be the most popular wedding flower—means beauty, joy and love. The colorful peony represents the “American spirit of determination.” For couples who adore the great outdoors, magnolias represent a love of nature and baby’s breath symbolizes innocence. Bridesmaids and brides can all have bouquets featuring flowers with meanings that go along well with their personalities, suggests Real Simple. For example, chrysanthemums for your always-happy maid of honor, lilies for your sweet young flower girl and “true love” tulips for you. If some of your closest friends will not be able to attend the wedding, consider adding some zinnias to your bouquet or maybe the centerpieces, these pretty flowers symbolize thoughts of absent friends.

Pick Flowers that Can Multitask
To keep the floral budget under control, consider using some or all of the flowers from the ceremony at the reception. For instance, simple-yet-lovely ivory bouquets can be repurposed throughout your wedding day from venue to venue. World-renowned floral decorator Douglas Koch suggests that all brides should reuse their florals and offers savvy ideas like using aisle flowers from the ceremony for centerpieces and altar pieces in high-traffic areas like a buffet table. Just be sure the flowers are getting enough water to keep them looking fresh all day!

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