Wednesday, June 25, 2014

To Hold & To Have Comes to Chicago!

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Check out more of Anna's work here.

Many of you may remember the talented Anna Coy, owner and designer of To Hold & To Have from her fabulous guest post right here on the ChicagoStyle Weddings blog called How to Make a Modern Heirloom Bouquet. Anna give us the inside details on how to truly personalize a keepsake bouquet made of silk flowers. And now, she's bringing her knowledge right to our doorstep! 

Anna's bringing her specialty designs to Chicago from July 27 through July 2! She's available to show samples, meet for impromptu consultations or to simply chat about bridal bouquets. Her passion is infectious! She explained her bouquet designs to us this way: 
"Each bouquet I create is handmade custom. Having a floral design background has enabled me to learn the structure of natural flowers and the skill of putting them together in an artful way. I have created new techniques to create less common satin flowers such as hybrid lilies and calla lilies. Pairing them with handmade satin or paper roses can make a gorgeous arrangement! Any color scheme can be matched and any style bouquet created. Just as every bride has a different style so should every bouquet!"
Anna uses stain, crystals, paper and personal keepsakes to create unique, modern bridal bouquets and bridal party pieces that last a lifetime. To learn more about To Hold & To Have, visit their website at

Make your appointment to chat with Anna while she's in town today! Email or call 267.971.3906.

Check out some of Anna's most popular bouquets below!

The "Tiffany" Bouquet

The "Love Story" Bouquet

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