Monday, June 30, 2014

Our 5 Favorite Photo Locations in Chicago

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If I were asked to rattle off all the things I love about Chicago, I could easily list 100 different reasons — the gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, countless summer festivals, the delicious food (nothing, and I mean nothing, can beat a Chicago-style hot dog!). But most of all, I love how the city strikes a comfortable balance between being metropolitan and intimate. Surrounded by a landscape of statuesque skyscrapers, it’s really hard not to feel perfectly at-home in the Windy City.

The naturally beautiful backdrops scattered throughout the city also make for ideal photo locations, whether you’re planning an engagement session or simply looking for a few wedding photo stops. Our top picks? Scroll down and take a look!

Oak Street Beach: If you’ve never been to the Windy City, you probably wouldn’t use the words ‘Chicago’ and ‘beach’ in the same sentence. But that’s not exactly the case, if you’re a native Chicagoan! Yes, I’m talking about Oak Street Beach, a mainstay for city dwellers when summer rolls around. If you’re planning a warm-weather photo session, slip off your shoes and take a stroll down this beach with your spouse-to-be, allowing your photographer to capture the carefree moments that unfold.

Honeycomb Sculpture, Lincoln Park: Nestled between the natural, cozy backdrop of Lincoln Park and the sprawling cityscape, the Honeycomb Sculpture is a perfect reflection of what makes Chicago so lovely — a small-town feel combined with contemporary chic. If you and your sweetie crave that type of juxtaposition in your photos, this spot is the place to be! 

St. Michael’s Church in Old Town: Chicago is home to some of the most timeless architecture in the country — and one building in particular captures my heart again and again! St. Michael’s Church is a renowned historical landmark situated in Old Town, and features stately Gothic architecture with vaulted archways and windows. For a unique, eye-catching background, ask your photographer to snap a shot of the two of you in front of the church’s grand wooden doors, which feature beautiful intricate detailing.

Salvage One: Easily one of the most unique venues in Chicago, Salvage One is the epitome of rustic-vintage chic! There is so much character and personality hidden in every nook and cranny of the building — if I had to describe it, I’d say it’s urban loft meets vintage antique store. Sounds amazing, right? And with a light-up sign that’s got ‘Chicago’ written all over it (literally), photos captured at Salvage One will definitely have a ‘wow’ factor that’s truly unforgettable.

Wrigley Field: No list of Chicago photo stops is complete without a mention of one of the city’s most prized and beloved landmarks — Wrigley Field! The official home of the Chicago Cubs, a photo session shot at Wrigley is a nostalgic, authentic way to pay homage to the city where you first met, had your first date and where you’ll most likely start your life together, as a married pair. If the two of you are die-hard supporters of the Cubbies, don’t forget to sport those infamous red and blue hues! Even if you’re not a sports fan, this location is truly as Chicago as it gets — and honestly, there’s nothing better than that! 

Happy Location-Hunting!


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