Friday, March 14, 2014

Tone and Tighten Your Arms for the Big Day

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What bride doesn't wants to look back at her wedding day photos and say, “Wow, I looked fantastic?” Wedding dresses and corsets can cover or hide most of our “less-flattering” features. However, arms are one of the hardest things to mask, as most dresses are strapless or short sleeved. Getting those guns in shape for your wedding day isn't as difficult as you might think. Betty Herberger from The Biggest Loser Resort Chicago has a few tips. Try these simple exercises that will have your wedding guests saying, “WOW” for years to come.

Do 15 repetitions of each workout below three times. Take a 20 second rest in between each workout.

Push Ups (Wide hands)
Target area: Chest

Push Ups (Close hands)
Target area: Triceps

Tricep Dips (Use a chair, couch, or any low, stable surface as a base)
Target area: Triceps

Lateral Row
Target area: Back

Bicep Curls With A Squat 
Target area: Biceps, Glutes, Thighs

Plank With A Row 
Target area: Core and Upper Back

Please consult with a doctor before beginning any workout regimen. Be healthy! 

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