Friday, March 21, 2014

To Lash or Not to Lash?

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To Lash or not to lash that is the question… Well, its not that serious is it? But it really can change the look on your big day.

Of course there are tons of choices! Though, as a bride, you may never know the difference or realize you have a choice! Makeup artists use different lashes for different things. So here are the options and my recommendation for the best wedding day lash look!

Semi-Permanent - This can be a really good look! The problem is that application can be tricky and the wrong person could do a lot of damage. Many people use the lashes you can get at any local drugstore and use nail glue to attach them. This is incredibly dangerous and damaging to your lashes. It also usually looks terrible. I had it done once and I looked like I belonged on stage in Pricilla Queen of the Desert.

Individual Lashes (One Day Wear) - This is something that your makeup artist does the day of the wedding. This technique looks good, but takes forever to put on. I also find that most of the time (at some point during the wedding) one or two come off and you have this little lash hanging out on your cheek.

Strip Lashes - This is part of my favorite. I'm sure your thinking, "WHAT?"  But let me explain... At KJA, we use strip lashes that we cut into sections to make them fit more like an individual but don’t take as long to apply and stay on better. The key to our success? REAL HAIR LASHES!  Please, please, please only use real hair lashes for your wedding! They actually look like your lashes and come in a variety of full textures to give you that flirty action you love.

Also all of our makeup applications come with lashes standard! It’s a rare occasion that you or your lovely maids don’t want lashes so why would we charge you more?  Beautiful real hair lashes that stay on all day and night. They look so real (because they are) that if anyone says to you, “ Are those your real lashes?” You can honestly say, “ Yes, yes they are!”  ( You do OWN them and they ARE real after all! )

Thank you so much to Kate Johnson for all this wonderful advice! Kate Johnson Artistry is here for all your beauty needs. Mobile – Makeup, Hair and Organic Spray Tanning. Call 847-401-7765 or email to book your complementary custom wedding beauty consultation.

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