Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Plan For Your Summer Wedding during the Polar Vortex


If only...

The Polar Vortex is making a comeback across the nation and some cities are expected to see temperatures drop as low as 20 to 40 degrees below normal. So, how can you plan your your summer wedding when these weather conditions make spring and your summer wedding feel years away?

Psych yourself up and get yourself in the summertime mind frame. Whip up some Margaritas, Mai Tais, Pina Coladas or any yummy tropical cocktail, and play some tropical music to help get you out of the winter blues! It can be stressful when you are in the midst of planning for your wedding, so try to make it as fun as possible for you and your fiancé by having a theme planning session.

When you are stuck inside because the snow is falling 2-3 inches per hour, or in fear of getting frost bite (even though you may not be able to tour different venues you had intended on that certain day), make the most of staying inside by planning some of the details like flowers, décor, or your absolute must-haves for your wedding day. If you do have to cancel your appointments for venue tours and the photographs on the venue website aren’t cutting it for you, see if the venue coordinator can send you other images of weddings that were held there, or even just standard room shots for you to get a visual of what they have to offer since you are unable to be there in person.

It can be really tough to imagine the potential of a venue when there are loads of snow covering lush flowers, landscape, patio, bridges and all of the other amazing details venues have to offer for a gorgeous wedding. Ask your wedding planner to send you images from weddings personally done at the venue you are considering for hosting your wedding day. If they have never done a wedding at this specific venue, the venue coordinator should be able to provide you different images to give you a better idea of how it will look once everything has thawed out.

Crank up the heat, bundle up, and do whatever it takes to warm you up mentally! It is really hard to fathom the summer months while your hands and feet are freezing! Go ahead and burn some summer scented candles like ocean breeze, lemon, fresh linen or lavender - which has relaxing powers in its scent to enhance your summery mood, as well as relax you.

If you are a visual person, watch some of your favorite movies or shows that take place in the summertime or in tropical regions and forget about the freezing temperatures outside your front door. Look at pictures of beaches, of you or your loved ones having fun in the sun, of a tropical vacation, anything to spark those memories of summer in your head. It'll help you to imagine a time where you no longer have to dig your car out of its parking spot each day or dig a path for your dog just to get out the front door to go to the bathroom.

Still can’t manage to get yourself in the planning mood or just plain overwhelmed? Seek some experienced, professional help. A qualified, knowledgeable Wedding Planner will be able to grasp your vision and provide you with all of the items that will meet your needs for your dream summer wedding - no matter what time of year!

Sending warm thoughts your way!

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N Uche said...

Man...I've heard about the winter Chicago has been experiencing! Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks, you can experience Spring! But I agree, to envision a Summer wedding during this time, takes a lot of mental, mind over matter techniques that you shared.

Courtney Fontenot said...

This winter has been a doozy! Thanks for the excellent ideas to help jump start planning a summer wedding. It's hard to think tropical when it's super cold outside.

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